Tired of paying for Adobe Creative Cloud? so you cancel it

Adobe offers several subscription modalities either to be used by a group or individually. Within its categories we find Photo, Graphic Design, Video, Illustration, UI and UX Programs, Acrobat and PDF, 3D and RA and Social Networks. For example, within the Photo category, we find the Photography section, which includes Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop and 20 GB of cloud storage for just 12.09 euros per month. We can also hire them individually. For example, Premiere Pro, Illustrator or InDesign would cost us 24.19 euros per month, Each separately. In the case of wanting to hire the entire suite in its entirety, its cost reaches 60.49 euros per month.

These options are especially interesting if we need to use programs like Photoshop, Premiere or Lightroom for a certain period of time, since it will allow us to use them saving us a good amount of money. On the other hand, if we need to use the applications in the long term, the amount that we will pay will surely be higher than what your lifetime license would cost, and this is where Adobe plans its business.

Steps to unsubscribe

In the event that we have signed up for its trial version or we have signed up for some of its plans for individuals and we no longer want to continue using it, we can cancel the subscription to avoid continuing to pay for it.

Of course, we must take into account that, if we cancel within 14 days of the initial order, then a full refund will be made in our favor. Instead, if we cancel after 14 days, our payment will be non-refundable and the service will continue until the end of that month’s billing period.

To proceed with the cancellation of the contracted products, we must log in to the Adobe page with our username and password.

Sign in to Adobe

This will take us directly to your “Plans and Payments” page. In the left column we select Plans to show us the one we have contracted. Now we will click on the “Manage plan” that is within the plan we want to cancel.

Adobe plans Manage plan

This will cause a new pop-up window to appear where it will show us the characteristics of our plan (applications included, price, billing period and cloud storage) on the left side. On the right side, we locate the “End the service” section that is located at the bottom. Here we click on “Cancel Plan”.

Adobe plans Cancel plan

Once this is done, a new screen should appear. Here we must indicate the reasons why we want to make the cancellation and click on the button “Continue”.

Reasons to cancel your Adobe plan

In the subsequent screens, it will inform us of everything that we lose by canceling and will try to persuade us by recommending that we take advantage of some of its offers. We click on the button “No thanks”, to continue.

Decline offers from Adobe

Finally, we arrive at the “What will happen when canceling” screen, where again the details of the cancellation and the plan it affects. As we are convinced of it, we only have to click on the button “Confirm”.

Adobe plan cancellation confirmation

From this moment the plan is canceled and we will not be charged more. A screen appears informing us that we are still part of the Adobe community, can return to a plan at any time, and in the meantime continue to have access to the free Creative Cloud membership. Click on “Done” to close the window.

Adobe plan canceled

Payment and penalty plans

As we have mentioned, this subscription model is ideal to use the products that we need only for a time. In this way, we can sign up for a month, then cancel, then sign up again and cancel later, as many times as we need. This allows us to do without them when we do not use it and save money. However, we must look carefully before contracting a subscription model since the price may include a permanence, that in case of non-compliance we should pay a penalty.

Annual and monthly plan

When subscribing to Adobe Cloud we will have to choose one of these plan modalities depending on the package that we are going to hire

  • Annual, prepaid: We pay for a whole year at once at the time of hiring.
  • Annual, monthly payment: allows us to pay for the service month by month for a year.
  • Monthly: We pay the service month by month.

All subscription models will allow us to cancel at any time, we will find the difference depending on the time we do it. So that this does not take us by surprise, Adobe explains it in its subscription terms, so it is convenient to review them, although few users carry it out. In the event that we cancel within the first 14 days, they reimburse us what was paid. After that 14 days, we will not enjoy the return, but we can continue using it until the end of the subscription.

Adobe Cloud Permanence

Of course, you have to be careful when contracting the option of “Annual plan, monthly payment”, because according to its terms, when canceling after 14 days a cumulative amount of 50% will be charged depending on the time remaining for the completion of the contract. Along with this, the service will stop working once the billing period for that month has ended. This is a kind of “fine” for breaking the contract early, varying depending on the time that is available.

And it is that the subscription model can be interesting, but you have to be careful with possible hidden clauses in their contracts that can give us some displeasure. Even without reading them, we must be clear that an annual contract paid month by month surely carries cancellation fees, in order to compensate for the discount that is included in the price.

How to avoid penalty

When it comes to avoiding any type of surprise and having to pay the penalty when canceling, it is important that we use common sense. For example, it makes no sense to contract the annual plan if we plan to unsubscribe after a few months, since we will pay a higher penalty.

Hire the monthly plan

Therefore, if we are going to use any product in a timely manner or we do not know how long it will take, the best option is to contract the monthly payment method. Well it is true that it is a more expensive mode, Well, Photoshop would go from costing us from the 24.19 euros of its annual plan with monthly payment, to the 36.29 euros of the monthly plan. But in return it allows us to cancel when we want no penalty and if it is within the first 14 days, it will reimburse us the full amount of the month paid.

Adobe Creative Cloud monthly plan

Of course, this plan is not available for the entire Adobe Creative Cloud catalog. For example, the Photography pack does not include this payment method. Yes, we will find it in individual applications such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, or even in the pack that includes all Adobe applications.

Change Plan

Another option that we have to avoid the penalty is to change the plan to which we are subscribed. When we have a contracted subscription, we can change the plan by choosing another pack from those offered by Adobe. With this we get the renewal date of the subscription to be updated. From this moment on, if we cancel the subscription in the first 14 days, they return both the fraction of the previous subscription and the fee for the new plan.

Delete Adobe account

If after canceling our Adobe subscription we decide that we no longer need the account and want to remove it completely we can also do it. To do this, click on this link to the Privacy section. Later, within the options that we have available, we must scroll to the bottom of the screen, where we will find the Delete account section.

From here we can request the permanent deletion of our account at any time by clicking on the button “Continue”.

Adobe delete account

On the next screen they will show us in detail all the data that we lose in case of proceeding. If we agree, we click again “Continue”.

Adobe data and asset policy

Now a screen appears asking us to cancel any or subscription that we had in the account, in the event that there is any activated plan. We press again “Continue”.

Adobe apps and web service

Finally, we must make a final confirmation and check the box “Yes, I understand what this means and I want to permanently delete this Adobe account” and then click on the button “Confirm account deletion”. Once this is done, the Adobe account will be deleted and we will no longer be able to access it.

Adobe confirm account deletion

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