Tirexo is not dead, the pirate site is now called

Tirexo is making a comeback! Less than a month after the announcement of its closure, the pirate site is reborn from its ashes. Completely transformed, the illegal streaming platform is now called PapaFlix.

At the end of April 2022, Tirexo announced its official closure. One of the most important illegal streaming sites in France has closed its doors, without disclosing the reasons for this sudden stop. At the same time, another pirate site popular with Internet users has announced the end of the adventure: Zone-Telechargement.

Everything suggests that the administrators were forced to close by the police. For those who don’t know, Tirexo offered a wide range of illegal streaming series, movies and anime. There were also Windows and Mac software, Android and iOS applications, albums and even video games.

Tirexo is reborn as

At first, the administrators of Tirexo suggested that the pirate site was well and truly dead. A few days ago, however, those responsible for the platform announced the great return of Tirexo under a new name:

The beta version of the new site is available, you may encounter (sic) small bugs”, specify the administrators on the Telegram group of Tirexo. This new iteration is still in its infancy. Many pages do not open and visual elements do not display correctly, especially on the sheet of a film or a series.

Despite its youth, the pirate site already houses a large collection of content. In the section devoted to cinema, there are old films, classics or even more recent films, such as Uncharted. Same story on the side of series, music or software.

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To escape the authorities, the administrators of pirate sites must regularly change their address. This trick allows you to bypass ISP blocking. Indeed, the procedure to request the blocking of an address is long and tedious. It is probably with this in mind that Tirexo was renamed PapaFlix.

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