Titanium Apple Watch Unavailable: Speculation Opens

Something is moving inside Apple. Related to the Apple Watch, we can see that the 6 series models with a Titanium case are not available for purchase. Bloomberg analysts are the first to sound the alarm, not because it is a very rising market due to the prices of this model, but because it can indicate that new models are approaching. The 7 series that Apple may present shortly.

The Apple Watch Series 6 models with titanium casings are part of the “Apple Watch Edition” collection. If we access the Spanish website and try to simulate a purchase, we see that they are currently not available for collection and are not available for delivery. The same happens in the US and from Bloomberg they warn that the same happens in other important markets.

Mark Gurman, has given Your opinion about this lack of stock or sales. As he has written on the website:

Apple hasn’t said that the Apple Watch edition is discontinued, so here’s my theory. Within weeks of the next version of the Apple Watch, Apple almost has run out of titanium models. Given the high price, Apple probably only made a small amount hoping they didn’t sell very well. They likely stopped making them months ago and are finally running out of supply. We’ll see if Apple chooses to keep titanium for the Apple Watch Series 7, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the company ditched the more expensive editing stuff, as it did in the past with ceramics and gold.

It seems like, may be out of stock That is not going to be replenished, at least until the launch of the new series 7. So if you wanted one, you are late. You can always buy a Herm├ęs.

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