To for the weekend: program your own pinball, 30 years of the first website and more

Do you like programming? And the games? Learn to create your own Pinball

If we have to talk about a mythical Pinball that has marked thousands, or millions, of users, this is Space cadet. The game made its appearance with Windows XP as one more option to the typical Microsoft games such as Solitaire or Minesweeper. Unfortunately, it failed to gain a foothold in the OS and, with Vista, it disappeared. It is true that the experience of playing on a real machine to playing it on a computer is not the same, although the realism will vary depending on how we program the game.

If you like programming, what better way to spend the weekend than creating a very simple Pinball for PC. In this link to the Raspberry Pi blog we will be able to see everything necessary to create our own pinball game using pygame, a complete Python library for creating games. With less than 10o0 lines of code we will be able to have a fully functional game. And, from the original code (which we share on the blog) modify it to give it more realism or increase the difficulty.

And, if we want to go further, the magazine Wireframe (which we can download for free from the Rapsberry Blog) will teach us how to create our own Sandbox game with Unity.

Today marks 30 years of the first connected server

Although today the mere fact of being connected to the Internet seems to us something of the most normal thing, in reality the networks have not been with us that long. And much less within the reach of any home user. If we look back, it was not until August 6, 1991, that the first web server was launched history, a NeXTcube. Only CERN members had access to this server, who were able to visit the first web page in history

From that day on, servers continued to be connected to the Internet, and networks became more and more accessible to everyone. And, thanks to this first connection, today we are all connected to the Internet as if it were something that has been with us all our lives.

Microsoft teaches you how to make a sandwich

Is there anything you want more than ice cream in this heat? The truth is, no. And what better way to learn how to make our own ice cream sandwich than by following the steps that Microsoft explains to us, on Twitter, through the Windows account.

Obviously it is not a real recipe, but a meme that has wanted to share the Windows account with its followers. In any case, the fact that Paint continues to be talked about is nothing more than proof that the graphical editor is even more alive than ever, and that the new design that is coming with Windows 11 will only give it a new life.

Luckily, Paint 3D failed to dethrone the king.

Updates of the week

And, if we want to take advantage of the weekend to update our computer, these are the most important updates that we have seen throughout the week:

  • qBittorrent: one of the best clients to download torrent. A totally free, open source and ad-free program thanks to which we will be able to forget about the catastrophic uTorrent. The new version 4.3.7 focuses on correcting a series of bugs and errors detected in the program. We can download this version from the following link.
  • Caliber: the most complete program to manage, convert and read all kinds of ebooks. The new version 5.24 of the program introduces some new features, especially in the conversion tasks and in the metadata. And also, as expected, it fixes some errors detected by users and improves the news feeds. We can get it down from here.

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