To metamorphose! The Power Rangers come to Netflix

Last year 2020, Hasbro culminated the purchase from the Canadian company Entertainment one, which is dedicated to creating and distributing multimedia content. The operation cost 4,000 million dollars. Since then, the company has become a subsidiary of Hasbro. Americans have a lot of fresh ideas to bring their toys to life in the form of television series and movies, and this is what has happened to the mythical power Rangers, that they will be back within a very short time.

Confirmed the return of Power Rangers on Netflix

The purchase of Entertainment One (eOne) was just the beginning. Hasbro’s next step was to find a director for the television division. And that’s how they were made with Michael Lombardo, which until then was working on HBO. Since June of last year, Lombardo has worked to develop audiovisual projects for some of Hasbro’s most famous and iconic products. In an interview he has given to the Deadline medium, the director has mentioned some of the projects they have in hand, such as a series based on the game Dungeons and Dragons, another television series about the game Risk, which is in pre-production and features the creator of House of Cards and another series about Magic: The Gathering among many other mentions. But without a doubt, the most popular was a mention of power Rangers. Lombardo did not want to give many explanations, despite the fact that the interviewer showed great interest in getting as much information as possible from him.

And so it has been confirmed this week by the producer Jonathan Entwistle on his Twitter account. Hasbro and eOne have teamed up with him to create a new universe of connected movies and series exclusively for Netflix. The idea is to create a complex and interconnected universe that allows creating new movies, series and shows entertainment for children. Both Entwistle and Lombardo are really excited to be working side by side with Netflix, and they promise to release new news as soon as they can.

What we know about the return of Power Rangers

For now, what is confirmed is that the new series and movies that we will see on Netflix about these colored heroes they will start from scratch. It will be a reboot, given that the last movie from Power Rangers, released in 2017, did not have very good critics. Despite this, it had well-known actors, such as Dacre Montgomery (Stranger things), the singer Becky G or Bryan Cranston himself, who played Zordon.

For now, Netflix has already made an important move, which is to acquire the rights to the Power Rangers: Dino Fury series, owned by Hasbro.

Will previous seasons of Power Rangers return to Netflix?

It should be noted that Netflix already had on its platform in Spain quite a few single seasons of Power Rangers, such as Samurai (2011), Megaforce (2013) and Dino Charge (2015). All of them belong to the New Saban Era, that is, to the production company Nickelodeon, owned by ViacomCBS. Therefore, the return of those seasons to Netflix is ​​not a decision that Hasbro can make.

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