To navigate and four more things: ASUS laptop for 249 euros

Your requirements when buying a laptop may not be too many, and that is why you have not yet taken the step of buying one. Most proposals on the market offer too much, and all you want is a model that allows you to browse the Internet, send some mail and see many netflix series. Do you have to pay that much to have something like this? Absolutely.

An ASUS Chromebook

The first thing you will ask yourself is, what is a Chromebook? These types of devices are laptops that have Chrome OS as the operating system. It is an operating system created by Google, and it mainly makes use of cloud services and storage to free up load on the computer.

Here you will not be able to install windows programs, but you will have access to the Play Store, the same app store that you have on your Android phone. The advantages of this is that you can not worry about virus and malware problems, and you will limit yourself to installing and downloading what the Play Store offers you.

Can I edit Office documents?

Office documents such as Word and Excel files can be edited using both Google Docs and Microsoft Office Edit & Share, so you won’t have any problems. The team has 64 GB of internal memorywhich are not particularly many, but will be enough for most initiated users.

Touch screen and Full HD

ASUS Chromebook Flip C214

Among the most popular features of this Chromebook Flip C214 we find the 14-inch screen, which offers an excellent Full HD resolution and is also tactile, something that works great when we place the equipment in a photo frame position, since this model is convertible, being able to rotate the screen 360 degrees thanks to the hinge it incorporates. To complete its chameleonic profile, it includes a stylus hidden in a slot with which you can draw and write on the screen.

ASUS Chromebook Flip C214

On its sides we will find a USB port to connect an external mouse if we want, a USB-C port for charging, another USB-C for data, a headphone jack and a slot for microSD cards. The processor it mounts is an AMD 3015e (dual core 1.2/2.3 GHz), with 4 GB of RAM and AMD Radeon graphics.

It is also interesting to highlight the military grade certification that it has in terms of durability, making it a very interesting model for schoolchildren and young people who are going to give the device a lot of movement and battle.

Priced at €249this laptop is one of the best options for those who do not want too much and are looking for a functional computer that will serve them for 3 daily tasks and little else.

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