To one side, WhatsApp! These new Telegram features promise safer chats

More and more instant messaging applications are seeking to compete for the first place, however in Latin America the battle is very close between WhatsApp and Telegram, two applications that are constantly updated seeking to attract new users.

Now we know that Telegram has just released a new update to help improve the fluidity and performance of the application, so that users have a better user experience, along with new security features to take care of their privacy.

New features in Telegram

Another new feature is called Protected content, this allows anyone who owns a group or channel prohibit message forwarding as well as blocking the screenshots, this avoids the information leakage, it also prevents files from being saved on the device, so all our conversation will be safe as well as everything we send through it.

To be able to activate this function is very simple, first you must know if your version of Telegram is the most up-to-date, for this we enter the device’s application store and search for Telegram, since we review this section, it is only a matter of open a channel or group of which we have the administration and go to the group or channel type part followed by restricting saving content, this will avoid screen captures among other types of information saving.

More news

Other novelties that came exclusively to iOS is the text recognition, in addition to a new design that reaches the contacts section, which have been redesigned and finally adapts correctly to the design of Apple’s operating system.

On the other hand, on Android you can already use the global chats, At the beginning they were only available between two people but now it is ready for more users. Another feature that just arrived is that you can log in with a phone call, We can also participate in groups with the channel account and not with the user.

In the section of the devices that they manage our account, functions are added that allow to close the session in a faster and easier way, including setting time limits for the session to close once the indicated time has passed.

Finally, we can access the telegram calendar, go to a specific date and delete the messages, with this we can save time and go directly to the day in which we want to delete the conversation, with all these updates it seems that Telegram is taking the lead, however, we will have to see the new functions that WhatsApp will include in its next update, which also promises security and privacy improvements for everyone who uses it.


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