To remember: Harry Potter once had a Quidditch game and even a turn-based RPG

Last Thursday (17), Sony held a State of Play to present more details about “Hogwarts Legacy”, an open-world RPG based on the “Harry Potter” universe. With a very interesting proposal, the game has everything to bring remarkable moments to fans of the saga.

The interesting thing is that the game does not follow the original story, but creates a new backdrop for players to have a whole new experience. However, before “Hogwarts Legacy”, other Harry Potter spin-offs were released and – as bad as some can be pretty bad – they are quite curious.

That’s why we’ve decided to separate some of the wizard’s most curious titles to refresh fans’ memories – and, who knows, help keep the hype up until the new game’s release.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Starting back in 2001, the little wizard won a game based on his first film, “The Philosopher’s Stone”. However, for each platform a different version was made. The Game Boy Color one is the most interesting, as it features a turn-based RPG in which the player controls Harry and faces challenges similar to those seen in the film.

Due to the limitations of the handheld, the game does not stand out in terms of graphics, but it does stand out in terms of gameplay – and the presence of a Brazilian Portuguese version.

Harry Potter and the Quidditch World Cup

Going forward a few more years, we arrive at “Harry Potter and the Quidditch World Cup”, a game that has the famous characters, but focuses on the most well-known sport in the wizarding world: Quidditch.

At first glance, it may seem confusing, but it is a sport in which, basically, there are three hoops, each one offering a different score, and which must be hit with a ball by the wizards of the rival team. It’s basically football in the air.

Unfortunately, this is the only sport-based game. Therefore, whoever wants to play it must use a PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox or PC.

Harry Potter Kinect

The game is one of the most different on the list, because, in addition to presenting remarkable moments from all 8 films in the saga, it was developed exclusively for the Xbox 360’s Kinect. This means that the player will have to move all the time so that characters on the screen perform the actions.

There are moments of battle against known enemies, school classes and even Quidditch. The interesting thing is that the game is fully dubbed into Portuguese by the same voice actors as the films, which brings a sense of nostalgia to the title.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Finally, in the best mold of “Pokémon Go”, “Harry Potter Wizards Unite” was released, a game that puts the player to find famous characters from the saga and monsters spread across the real world.

Like its “brother”, the title needs access to the location of the devices and the character moves as the user walks in real life.

Bonus: Lego Harry Potter

Although not considered a spin-off, the Lego franchise games are not part of the main franchise. However, that doesn’t stop them from following the saga’s eight films and showing built-in versions of all the characters and situations – always with a lot of humor.

Obviously, these are shortened versions of the stories, but both games have several features that make them essential for Harry Potter fans – such as seeing the characters “break” into pieces when defeated and the presence of iconic spells.

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