To the parrot! Firefox 1.0 Anniversary, Windows 3.11 Taskbar, and More

It is true that the browser Mozilla It is not going through its best moments right now, losing users month after month in favor of other alternatives such as Chrome or Edge. But it is still one of the best options to consider, an open source browser, not controlled by a greedy company, which also protects our privacy. A fast, simple and relatively light browser, perfect for both the most powerful computers and the oldest ones.

Interested in trying Firefox 1.0? You can download it from your FTP. Of course, forget about the eyelashes.

Firefox 1.0

If web browsers are as we know them today, it is, in part, thanks to Firefox. Therefore, we want to take this seventeenth anniversary to thank you for everything. And wish you that the coming changes Mozilla is working on will help you regain the greatness of the past.

This would be Windows 3.11 with taskbar

Remember Windows 3.11? This was the predecessor of Windows 95, and, therefore, of all the Windows that we have known to date. Microsoft’s operating system stood out for several things, some of the most relevant being having to run it from MS-DOS (it did not start automatically like Windows 95 and following) and for having a very limited desktop, with very specific possibilities.

This operating system did not have, for example, a taskbar as we know it today. However, there were ways to enable a kind of bar, as is the case with the «Calmira»That many users installed on their systems. In addition, there are a lot of concepts about what Windows 3.11 would have been like with this serial bar, and with a very simple start menu.

Windows 3.11 taskbar

It doesn’t look bad, does it? Unfortunately, the latter is nothing more than a concept, and cannot be proven.

The importance of telemetry for Microsoft

Generally we are used to login using a username and password. But this system is now obsolete, and it is not exactly unsafe. A company cannot always trust that a username and password correspond to a single user and trust it. And that is how the methodology «Zero Trust«.

Zero Trust is based on assuming that each request is always created in an open network, making the validation systems never trust any access, but always check and guarantee them. And, although we usually complain about the telemetry of your operating system, Windows, it plays an essential role in these login methods.

Do you want to know in depth how the Zero Trust works? Find out in this document.

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