To update! iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 now available

The new versions of Apple’s operating systems are now available to all those users who have a compatible device. As was already being announced, the outstanding news in these versions are really few, since we come from much more loaded updates, so both iOS and iPadOS 15 focus on polishing small details.

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After several updates to iOS and iPadOS 15 where Apple has given all users different functional and visual novelties, with this version the Cupertino company has sought to polish certain details so that the experience that all users have when updating and using your devices with these versions as successful as possible. However, despite this, there are certain interesting news that you have to know and that we leave you below.

  • Within the Wallet app, in the section Apple PayCash all users will be able to request how to send money.
  • In iPadOS 15.5, one of the most anticipated features of iPadOS 15 alongside macOS was Universal Controlbecause now it is no longer in beta phase.
  • Users of Apple podcast You can now set up your account by limiting the number of episodes stored on both iPhone and iPad. They also have the ability to automatically delete the oldest episodes, which is a good way to free up storage space.
  • Apple now gives app developers the possibility to include, within them, links that take users to register outside of the App Store purchase system, that is, from now on applications will be able to manage the creating and managing accounts outside of the Apple App Store.
  • New Apple Music API. In iOS 15.5, Apple has reintroduced an Apple Music API, making it possible for third-party services to use it to modify the playback speed of songs. This was removed by Apple in iOS 15.4, but it’s back with this new update.

In addition to all these noteworthy novelties, it should also be mentioned that it is mainly a version that wants to focus on solving the small errors present in previous versions, improving the efficiency and performance of the different devices, something normal and usual considering that It is an update that comes from other versions where Apple has introduced many new features.

Recommendations to update

Obviously, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida, we recommend that all those users who have an iPhone and iPad that are compatible with these versions update to them as soon as possible. For this, we want to give you a tips series that you have to keep in mind if you want to perform this update correctly.

  • Before upgrading, check that your device has enough available storage space.
  • Check the internet connection you have.
  • Hurry? Software update processes can sometimes take longer than desired, so we advise you to find a time when you do not have to do anything with the device in order to update it.
  • Make a backup before updating.
  • Make sure your iPhone or iPad has enough battery life.

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