Today Apple Podcasts Subscriptions officially started

Finally the day of Apple Podcasts Subscriptions arrived And the safest thing is that when you read this article the company will already have the option activated on your Apple device to view the content in this new method of subscription to podcasts. On the Apple website you will find all the published information.

This is Apple’s announcement for Apple Podcasts Subscriptions:

In addition to enjoying millions of free programs, you can also support creators by subscribing to their content. So you will have extras such as exclusive episodes, zero advertising, news in scoop and access to the entire catalog, among many other things

Apple officially announced the arrival of the service last April 20 and after this time we already have this payment service available for podcasts. We have to insist again that this payment platform will exclusively affect all those users who want to listen to podcasts whose content creator adds the subscription method. For example, in the podcast of Soy de Mac and Actualidad iPhone, for now, podcasts will continue to be totally free.

Obviously, charging for listening to a podcast can be a double-edged sword, as many users look favorably on these subscription methods and many others not so much. We can say that it is a way to professionalize podcasts but it must also be noted that adding a monthly fee or a subscription does not mean that this particular podcast will improve significantly. For those who wonder, Apple only offers the service will not take any commission from those podcasts that add the subscription method.

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