Today at Apple sessions will also be available on YouTube

Today at Apple on YouTube

Apple announced plans Wednesday to expand its free educational efforts by bringing a version of its Today at Apple classes to YouTube. The tech giant said it plans to offer creative photography, video, art and design projects, teaching various techniques throughout each video.

The first episode of the series is now underway and shows one of Apple’s creative professionals teaching how to draw himself as a Peanuts character, with the help of some of the show’s animators. For example, we have the first video that Apple has shared when announcing this launch.

The tutorial focuses on Apple’s iPad and Apple Pencil, but Apple says it can be done with your finger and a device like the iPhone 12, as well as with Apple’s Pages app.

Apple recently announced new Today at Apple virtual sessions to help people create Ted Lasso fan art as the company continues to expand its community projects like Today at Apple to a wider audience.

The move is undoubtedly a response to the decline in the influx of Apple stores around the world. In July, Bloomberg reported that Apple would soon begin testing a work-from-home hybrid model for its retail employees, in which staff would spend a few weeks working at home helping customers with online purchases, technical support and customer service:

The report says the move is a “recognition that the trend of increased online shopping accelerated by Covid-19 may continue despite economic reopening and the availability of vaccines in many parts of the world.” Whether employees work at home or in the store will reportedly depend on demand.

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