Today: Chrome puts you in danger, but Google pays to check for bugs and don’t miss these GIFs

In one way or another, these platforms and applications are developed by certain software companies that want to focus on safeguarding our security and sometimes privacy. In addition, they must be supported by large technology firms such as Microsoft or Google, which also do their bit to help their millions of customers.

Google rewards for finding bugs in open source software

Serve as an example of the search giant’s recently launched initiative to improve the security of open source software. To do this, a Foundation is currently being created focused on safeguarding the free software and improve everything related to your safety. It will be made up of various departments in which Google is going to invest a huge amount of money.

In addition, for all this, it will ask for the help of the User Community, which it will reward with up to one million dollars for locating security flaws in these applications. In addition, anyone can sign up for all of this, although it is highly recommended to have some knowledge on the subject. In the event that you want to try your luck to earn extra money you can do it from this website of the same company.

Google rewards you if you help with security, but it doesn’t give one with Chrome

And we continue with the security issue, but in this case it will probably affect you in a more direct way. We tell you this because two important vulnerabilities have just been discovered in one of the firm’s flagship products. We refer specifically to Google’s Chrome browser, one of the most widespread and used applications in the world.

While the search giant is rewarding those who find security flaws in other products, perhaps it should take a little extra care in its own. This time it’s a good idea update chrome as soon as possible in order to patch two new Zero-day bugs that are currently being exploited. These are the so-called CVE-2021-37975 and CVE-2021-37976 that are already being exploited.

Therefore, the new update that has been shipped is valid for computers based on Windows, macOS and Linux. Due to its severity classification, we recommend you update as soon as possible. We achieve this from the browser menu, placing us in Google Chrome Help / Information to reach version 94.0.4606.71.

update chrome

Download and Compare These Animated GIFs From Programmers

By changing the third and getting rid of the bad taste in our mouths, we are going to liven things up a bit. Since today we are on the expected day of the launch of the new Microsoft operating system, Windows 11, plus some other news from the firm, let’s seize the moment. We say all this because next we are going to show you some fun animated GIFs so that you can download and share with friends and family.

Here we find one of the legendary animated GIFs that continue to attract a lot of attention.

gif programmer

In addition, closely linked to everything related to the world of programming, you can not miss the errors and bugs that we find a posteriori.

And let’s finish with an animation focused on our pets and also related to the world of development and software programming that never fails.

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