Today: Clippy back on your PC, watch the voice of Google Maps at work, and more

In fact, there are many technological components that accompany us in our day to day life, but that on many occasions we do not even fall into their existence and real importance. Depending on the type of use we make of our devices, these elements have more or less importance in our use and job with them. For example, this is the case with Doodles.

The publication of Google Doodles is years old

And it is that to begin with all this we will tell you that on a day like but back in 1998, the Google developers published the first Doodle online. The objective of the first element of this type that was published on the website of the search giant was to inform its users about the festival Burning man. With the passage of time we have been able to verify that this idea was quite popular with the majority.

Hence, from that moment on, hundreds of Doodles have been published on the web, some of them really curious and funny. In the event that today you want to take a look at these, you can do it from this link.

Clippy returns to the PC but with a different role

Another element that has been with us for a good number of years and that has aroused all kinds of affection and animosity, is Clippy. Many of you remember it as that annoying clip that appeared in the applications of Office years ago. In fact, it could be considered as the first digital assistant, but much more limited than current smart assistants.


We are not going to tell you that Microsoft is using it again in any of its products, at least not for those tasks that we are commenting on. We tell you this because now you can find Clippy again as part of Microsoft’s own Teams application. Specifically, we can choose the virtual background of a video call if we configure it. Among the many virtual funds that we can use here, Clippy is within the group called Nostalgia.

See the real look of Google Maps GPS voice

For years we have been used to using the wizard that it proposes to us Google maps. But perhaps we have never stopped to think about who is the person behind that voice to which we are so used. We know that it is a female voice but surely we have never stopped to think who has done that work.

It is a voice to which we have become more than enough accustomed over the years, and which has been guiding us from the mobile in all kinds of roads.

However, it is more than likely that you will still be surprised to see her perform in real life. For all this, we recommend that you take a look at this video.

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