Today: download Windows 11 Enterprise for free, Office will be more beautiful and download this game from Epic

There are many users who have compatible equipment and who over the days have achieved migrate and upgrade from Windows 10 to the new system. But to test the new Redmond operating system, we do not need to format our computer or update from the previous version of Windows. (Diazepam) We tell you all this because we always have the opportunity to test a Windows 11 virtual machine. We are going to talk about this precisely below.

Download the latest Windows 11 virtual machine

We tell you all this because from now on you will have the opportunity to download and make use of the latest windows 11 virtual machine in its Enterprise edition. It is worth mentioning that for this we will need a disk space of 20 gigs. at the same time it is worth noting that this virtual machine will be useful for different programs focused on these tasks.

Windows Update W11

Here we refer to titles of the importance of VMWare, Parallels, Hyper-V or VirtualBox, so we will have software alternatives to choose from. In addition, this virtual machine that we are talking about is valid until January 9 and includes additional elements such as Visual Studio 2019, or VSCode.

Office will have a much fresher look soon

After the launch of its new operating system, the development company tries to adapt the interface of the rest of its products to it. For this reason, Microsoft is currently testing the effect of Mica transparency in Office applications. First of all, we must know that Mica is the new transparency effect for Windows 11. Similar to Acrylic used in Windows 10, it has been optimized to improve PC performance when using it.

office mica

It is for all this reason that now the firm is deploying the new aspect to more native applications, as is the case that we are commenting on. This is a change that users of Microsoft’s office suite can see right now in their Insider and Beta version. In this way, what the software giant is really looking for is to adapt all its projects, little by little, to the new interface of the operating system launched a few weeks ago.

Arcade and virtual hunting on the Epic Store for free

As is possibly the case in most of the virtual PC game stores in which we are registered, increasing our library is a goal of the majority of gamers. Precisely for this reason and without having to pay a single euro, week after week the Epic Games Store gives us the opportunity to grow our library. Precisely for all this, starting just a few minutes ago, we have the possibility to download and enjoy a new game completely free.

free games

This offer will be extended over the next 7 days, and the title we are referring to specifically is theHunter: Call of the Wild.

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