Today: Linus Torvalds criticizes Github, decorates Edge with Marvel’s Shang-Chi, and more

At this time we can find a large number of Open Source solutions and platforms that help its development. A clear case of all this is found on the platform precisely owned by Redmond, Github. We tell you all this because one of the main precursors of open source, Linus Torvalds, as it is now known, does not fully agree with some of the operating modes of this platform.

Linus Torvalds doesn’t like mergers on Github

We say this because recently Paragon Software submitted a request for its dubbed NTFS driver NTFS3 for the upcoming Linux kernel 5.15. However, to the Linux boss, Linus torvalds, this application did not like too much. Torvalds didn’t have much of a problem with the NTFS3 pull request itself. However, I was annoyed with GitHub merging into all of it. This is because initially the Linux boss is not very fond of merging GitHub.


For Torvalds platform merges are useless and the Github interfaces should never be used for these tasks. He regards the service as a very good hosting site with a multitude of praiseworthy features, but Linux kernel mergers are not one of them.

This was Microsoft’s initial use of Clippy

When we talk about Clippy, surely many of you still remember that beloved by many, hated by others, a clip-shaped doll that served as an assistant in Office. Over time the Redmond firm decided to put an end to this element of its office suite. What possibly many of you do not know are the beginnings of this funny assistant.

And it is that Microsoft has been interested in the automotive world for a long time, starting with Windows CE for Automotive that it launched in 2001. Today the company continues to offer services for some automobile companies through the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform. Part of this is offering a digital voice assistant to car companies that should play a more active role in running the car. car. Microsoft expects the digital assistant to monitor vehicle information and provide advice related to maintenance operations.

Clip Clippy

You could also book a service appointment yourself or notify the driver when the car needs to be taken to the service center. All this sounds familiar to you, because yes, it seems that one of the initial functions, years ago and ClippyThis was the automobile market. But the firm still has a long way to go in this regard, so who knows if one day we will see Clippy advising on the operation of the cars of the future.

Decorate Edge with the new Shang-Chi movie theme

The growth of Microsoft’s Edge browser has not stopped increasing in recent months. This is a project in which the Redmond firm has bet a lot from there that it does not stop improving it with new functions and updates. Therefore, if you are one of those who has already opted to migrate to this program and at the same time you are a fan of the marvel movies, we will give you good news.

shang chi

And you can already decorate your browser favorite with the new theme released and centered on one of the latest releases in this regard. Well, we are talking about the spectacular title Shang-chi, which has raised a not inconsiderable figure of 1.5 million euros in its premiere in Spain. So if you want to install this new theme, you can do it from this link.

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