Today October 18 we have a new Apple event: Unleashed

One of the news of the day is undoubtedly that of today’s Apple event. The day October 18 at 7:00 p.m. PST It could change the whole course of Macs with the new processors in each and every Apple Mac.

This time we have to say that the rumors and the usual leaks have not affected the Cupertino company too much. In today’s event you can see what they are going to present but Apple could surprise us all since there are no leaks on the products.

It’s good that we don’t have rumors and leaks

For many of us it is better to arrive at an event and completely ignore what they are going to present. The interesting part of the event will be to see if Apple can really surprise us with something new in terms of the equipment itself or inside it. It is assumed that this time we are not going to have aesthetic changes in the Macs, but in the internal part of them We can also finally see the new third generation AirPods and maybe some other surprise.

We will see all this at the event that will take place today and which we will be able to enjoy at during the same moment that Tim Cook appears on the scene. Logically as we say at the beginning the not having any specific details at this time about what they are going to present It raises a lot of expectation, we will see if they are able to surprise us in a few hours.

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