Today: Office security compromised by Internet Explorer, Paint surprises, and more

As an example, what is being seen at the moment with one of the products more than discarded by the firm based in Redmond. In particular we refer to your popular web browser, at least it was at the time, Internet explorer. This is a software that has already been practically discarded by the firm to bet on its successor Edge.

An Internet Explorer vulnerability affects Office 365

Well, we say all this because a new vulnerability has recently been discovered in the aforementioned internet explorer. With the name of CVE-2021-40444, Microsoft recently revealed that this vulnerability in the Trident browsing engine helps render content based on the browser, within Office documents. The Redmond firm has largely tried to hide the details about this vulnerability, but it has now been found to be more dangerous than might initially be imagined.

We comment on all this because it has recently been seen that the CVE-2021-40444 discovered in the Internet Explorer browser can circumvent the protection mechanisms integrated in both Microsoft Office and in office 365, with the risks that all this entails.

The simplest programs sometimes surprise us

We have at our disposal a multitude of software solutions that on many occasions we do not give the importance that they really have. At least we do not know how to value them properly, as it happens in the case of the application integrated in the own Windows to draw, Paint. This is a show that many look down on, but unfairly.

And it is that they have already been able to see more than one project in which really spectacular results have been achieved with a program of the simplicity of the aforementioned Paint. In these lines we are going to show you a clear example of all this thanks to this imitation of Vincent Van Gogh’s work that has been seen in Twitter.

This is how Microsoft intends to soften the criticism for the requirements of Windows 11

We are on the verge of the arrival of a new handheld operating system from the software giant Microsoft. What might seem like all good news at first, the Redmond-based firm seems to have gotten a little twisted. While millions of users are excited about this arrival, many others have raised their voices criticizing the company itself.

The main reason for all this are true minimum requirements that are being required to be able to install the new operating system. And it is that for all this it is essential that we have a TPM 2.0 chip installed and active in our computer, regardless of the processor that it mounts. The problem is given because there are relatively modern computers that do not have this technology. At first, it can be assumed that Microsoft assumed that everyone knew what it was. TPM 2.0, but in reality it is not like that, quite the opposite.

Windows 11 Calculator

So now it seems that, to smooth things over a bit, or at least try, the firm has published a new report. In it we find an understandable explanation of what this is chip, and what is more important, how can we activate it if it is available on the PC. If you want to take a look you can do it from this link.

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