Today: is ARM-compliant, Microsoft cares for the environment, and more

And it is that despite being in the middle of the month of August, many people on vacation, and many others waiting for them to arrive, everything related to technology does not stop. It is not precisely for all this that we are there to keep you informed at all times.

Microsoft is very much in favor of taking care of the environment

To start with all this we will tell you that one of the great tech giants today and for many years, Microsoft each time takes more care of the environment. As they are currently reporting through their Twitter account, the company is significantly reducing its waste. At the same time they work to improve the packaging of their products while developing innovative techniques for all this.

With these efforts related to technology and the environment, in the last fiscal year the company managed to remove 60,000 metric tons of waste. Similarly, they are working on a planetary computer that has access to 10 petabytes of environmental data. This allows access to important sets of environmental data and related to Artificial Intelligence.

The new already supports the ARM architecture

If we change the third in a radical way, now we are going to talk about one of the best known image editors in the world. Specifically, we refer to, a free proposal that has been with us for many years and has not stopped growing and improving. Well, we tell you all this because the new Alpha version of the photo editing program is already compatible with the ARM architecture on Windows 10.

As is evident, this will have a very positive effect on the performance of the program on compatible computers. To say that this is something that has been achieved thanks to the recent Alpha update that reaches build 7894. But that’s not all, it also includes a long list of functions and improvements. Here we can highlight from quick edit like Magic Wand and Paint Bucket.

Updates of the week

We already told you before that we are very close to the arrival of the expected weekend and that in most of the country it will be characterized by strong heat. But before the well-deserved rest, we are also going to tell you about some of the most important software updates that have arrived in recent days:

  • Caliber: this powerful manager and administrator of e-books reaches version 5.25 with a multitude of new functions and bug fixes. The regulars of this application know that it is updated every so often due to a large extent to all the functionality that it presents to us. For them we only have to access this link.
  • Winaero Tweaker: the same happens with this program focused on and the customization of a multitude of sections of Windows. It has recently reached version 1.31 with the arrival of a multitude of new disabling functions in the operating system. We will have the possibility to deactivate elements such as Cortana, certain updates, Live Tiles, etc. You can update the program from here.
  • Thunderbird: the email manager of Mozilla It has also received an update this week reaching version 91.0. Support for more architectures and languages ​​has now been included. We also have more control over user folders and many improvements to the calendar function. You can try all this that we tell you from its official website.
  • Notepad ++: there are many text editors that we can use today, but Notepad ++ It is one of the best known and now reaches version 8.1.3. One of the main features that we are going to find in this new version is the improvement of dark mode for the user interface. In the same way, a multitude of corrections have been introduced that we can enjoy from this link.
  • Firefox: at the same time one of the most famous and used Internet browsers in the world, such as Firefox, has been updated to version 91.0. In this new version of the program we have wanted to simplify the address bar and clean its user interface in addition to the menus belonging to the program itself. All this in order to improve the general interface of the application and make the user experience more favorable. We can download the new version from here.
  • Simplewall: if you want to keep your computer protected to the maximum at all times, the best thing you can do is update your security solutions. In case you use the Simplewall Firewall, It is worth mentioning that it has just been updated to version 3.4 with important improvements and corrections. You can download it from its official website.

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