Today: the browser wars begin, Firefox hits the Store and the goodbye of Pac-Man

One of the main reasons for all this is that most of the computers, both mobile and desktop, with which we work at the moment have an internet connection. Starting from the basis that these software solutions are the ones that really serve as a platform for connecting to the network, their importance is undeniable.

Beginning of the browser wars

However, and mainly for this same reason, the battle between the different developers of these programs is fierce. At this time, when talking about these software solutions, the proposals of Google, Mozilla or Microsoft with Chrome, Firefox or Edge. But only a few years ago there were other products leading this sector, we refer to programs of the importance of Internet Explorer or Netscape.

Well, we tell you all this because on this day, October 20, the United States Department of Justice sues the developers of Internet Explore. As you can imagine we are referring to Microsoft, and the lawsuit was based on the abuse of power by including Internet explorer implicitly in Windows.

In fact, for many, the so-called browser war began there, which in one way or another still continues to this day.

Pac-Man graphics creator passes away

Changing the third, because we believe that there are several titles in the form of games that have marked our lives over the last decades. Surely many of you, especially the most veteran of the place, remember the mythical Pac-man. This is a game that has been with us for decades and is still enjoyed by many around the world. However, along these lines we have to give you the bad news that the creator of your logo and graphics has just passed away.

We refer to Hiroshi Ono, also know as Mr. Dotman, a renowned Japanese designer who just left us at the age of 64. Ono became popular working for the Namco firm since 1979. It was there that he developed both the graphics and the logo for the popular game. In addition, he also actively participated in other video games such as Galaga or Dig Dug. Therefore, many of his predecessors in this sector of video game development have come together to remember his work over the last few hours.

Mozilla Firefox hits the Microsoft Store

With the arrival of the new Microsoft system, Windows 11, the firm wants to bet much more for the official store included. It is precisely for this reason that applications are coming to the new version of the system that until just a few months ago we would not have even thought about. Take as an example some of the clients corresponding to the main PC game stores that we can already find.

At the same time, a good number of applications will arrive here, how good so far we have downloaded from their official websites, the Win32, as is the case that we will talk about. And it is that, returning again to the section of the browsers, to say that the popular Firefox it is also coming to the Microsoft Store.

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox

In this way, users from all over the world who prefer to use this particular browser will be able to download it directly from the Windows store from now on.

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