Today the international hub, CYL-HUB, is launched at the Valladolid Trade Fair

The international hub of innovation and technological entrepreneurship of Castilla y León, CYL-HUB, will have its debut today with presentations by great experts and leaders of the national and regional ecosystem. It is a project subsidized with 1,342,280 million euros, by the Junta de Castilla y Léon and channeled through the Next Generation EU funds.

The event will take place from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., in auditorium 2 of the Valladolid Trade Fairwhere the actions and activities to be carried out over the two years that the CYL-HUB project will last will be presented.

During the meeting there will be round tables, networking at the highest level with investors, corporations, the media, and universities at a regional, national, and international level. The challenges of various corporations from Castilla y León will also be presented so that, subsequently, benchmark startups in the region discuss the state of the territory’s ecosystem and how to move forward in order to give it greater cohesion and internalization.

The event will begin with a presentation of the project by Emilio CorchadoCEO of Startup Olé and director of CYL-HUB, which will proceed to give way to the European unicorn, Vincent Rosso, co-founder of Blablacar and CEO of Consentio, who will give a talk about his experiences and experience as a successful entrepreneur, with René de Jong as moderator.

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After the inspirational talk, the first round table on public-private innovation, in which great experts will deal with issues related to the characteristics that must be given to consider that we are facing a true innovation hub or what the entities that represent the CYL-HUB community can contribute. The table will be made up of William Jimenez, CEO of ICO-AXIS; Pilar CarrettoCDTI financial economic director; Jose ZudaireCEO of ASCRI; Stephen Majoral, deputy director of the RTVE Innovation Center; Manuel Navarro, head of Innovation Programs at RENFE; School Erika, director of Capital Energy Quantum and Sergio Garcia, Manager of Venture Building Enagás. In addition, she will be moderated by Esther Molina, innovation journalist.

Subsequently, there will be a presentation on the challenges of a selection of corporations in Castilla y León from the point of view of new technologies, sectors and challenges associated with open innovation or technological entrepreneurship.

The second round table of the day will be on innovation, open investment and new opportunities for the Communities, especially for Castilla y León, in which the speakers will discuss the possibilities of accessing different financing channels through financing rounds.

Lastly, at the third table there will be a debate about startups and innovative SMEs in Castilla y León, as well as the new opportunities to promote the ecological transition. all interested, especially the self-employed, young people, entrepreneurs, students, women entrepreneurs, rural areas, startups and SMEs in Castilla y León You can attend or follow the great launch of CYL-HUB via streaming completely free of charge, you only have to register for our event through the following links:

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