Today: This Windows 7 looks like Windows 11, Skype wants to be like Teams and updates Ubuntu

Until recently, most of us only knew the tool for these tasks Skype Microsoft and some other minor. However, in recent months many other applications of this type have grown like wildfire both in use and in functionality.

Microsoft will include many improvements in Skype

Here we refer to solutions as important now as Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, or Teams. That is why perhaps Skype has been relegated to second or third place. But this does not mean that Microsoft has given up on this messaging tool. We say this because now it has been known that the company wants to continue working on this solution to meet the needs of its customers. It promises that it will be a fast and fun program thanks to the changes that it is developing.

Meetings on Skype

In addition to a major makeover, there are a number of new features to come. Here we talk about call recordings, using animated backgrounds, support for multiple cameras, etc. In fact, part of this redesign will make it look more like Teams in terms of its external appearance. With these changes, what the firm is going to aim for is that one of its most iconic applications in recent years can continue to function. In fact, it still has a large market despite other similar applications that have grown a lot in recent years.

Update Ubuntu to avoid new security flaws

If we refer to Ubuntu, we are talking about what is possibly considered the most used and popular Linux distribution in the world. We say this because the latest security update that has been shipped for the Ubuntu Linux kernel fixes a total of twelve vulnerabilities. Especially for this reason, it is advisable to install this new update as soon as possible, but we will comment.

In concept Canonical has released new security updates for the Linux Kernel just a few hours ago. These are effective for Ubuntu 21.04, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. They come to solve twelve security vulnerabilities that affect the Linux 5.4 LTS Kernel in the mentioned systems. These security flaws could allow an attacker to access our sensitive information. Likewise, this could affect system permissions causing a denial of service, among other problems.

Ubuntu software center

Although viruses and malicious code are less common in Linux that in Windows, certain vulnerabilities must be equally covered.

This Windows 7 concept looks like Windows 11

The new version of Windows is right around the corner as it will launch early next month. In this way Windows 11 will come to us full of news, many of them on an aesthetic level. One of the objectives of Microsoft With this release it is to draw the attention of those who do not agree very much with Windows 10. It should be borne in mind that this OS reached its peak in Windows 7, so one user wanted to mix both proposals in a new concept. Known as Windows 7 2021 Edition, this offers us the best of both worlds. From the old operating system it takes some much-loved aspects, but updated with the modern look and features of the version to come.

Created by user Hacker 34, this concept design wants to be faster, cleaner and more modern than Microsoft’s project. Mix the Fluent design with Aero to get a better, more perfect user interface. It has an attractive major Start menu and Windows 7 taskbar. It also includes a Tabbed File Explorer and a modern Task Manager.

It also has a selection of new color themes and the widget bar Windows 11. Here is a video so you can see it in action:

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