Today: what is Wordle? fonts hit PowerPoint and check out this Twitter client

We generally use our active social media accounts through our mobile devices. However, the corresponding clients that are released for desktops are very helpful. Twitter is a clear example of all this, although we can also find very interesting third-party clients.

There is no need to talk about the advantages that we find when working and using a desktop computer compared to a mobile device. Hence precisely that more and more software developers are launching their programs so that we can make use of either social networks or messaging apps, from our PC. Along these same lines we are going to focus on an interesting alternative In this sense that will allow you to use the blue bird social network on any desktop computer.

Try this open source multiplatform Twitter client

Specifically we refer to Moderndeck , a powerful open source Twitter client that we can use for free. In this way, just by downloading and installing it on our desktop computer we will have all the necessary functions. So we can interact with all our contacts on the social network in a simpler and more comfortable way.

One of the main advantages that we find here is that we can install this software on a Linux-based computer, Windows or MacOS. To all this we must also add the possibility that we use it as an extension for the main current internet browsers.

PowerPoint will expand the use of fonts in presentations

It goes without saying that PowerPoint is a multimedia presentation program that most of you have used on more than one occasion. However, to wear out at the times, Microsoft does not stop launching new updates for the programs that are part of Office, like this one. Now we are going to talk about a new interesting feature that will arrive in a few weeks and that will surely be very useful.

PowerPoint presentation design

Specifically, we refer to the possibility of integrate custom fonts or fonts to use in our PowerPoint presentations. in this way, both companies and end users will have the possibility of integrating their own sources into their projects. Everything indicates that this new functionality will reach the whole world throughout the next month of March 2022, although there is nothing confirmed.

What is the Wordle that everyone talks about?

When talking about video games that dominate the current market in this software sector, on many occasions we look for spectacularity or the most advanced graphics. However, sometimes some titles achieve the long-awaited success that many developers seek, with a very simple interface theme. This is the case of the aforementioned Wordle, a games focused on word composition that is succeeding right now.

The theme of the game as such is quite simple, guess a word in 6 attempts as soon as possible. If you want to test its operation from your PC, specifically from any browser, you can do so through its official website.


After enter a word in Wordle we color the letters in gray, yellow or green. The first tonality means that the letter is not part of the word of the day. Yellow is that it is part of the word, but it is not in the correct position, and green is that you have completely guessed right.

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