Today: Windows 95 is years old, so you can use it again, and more

Many of you already know that Windows operating systems, whatever the version, have been among us for several decades leading the market for desktop PCs. There are versions you like more than others, and there is no doubt that Microsoft over the years has improved its product to the current Windows 10. In fact, in a few weeks we will have the new one at our disposal. Windows 11.

Windows 95 was presented on this day

But that is not exactly what we want to talk about now, rather we are going to focus rather on much older versions of the system. In fact, now we are going to talk about one of the most beloved versions of the Redmond operating system of all. This is Windows 95, a system that, as its name suggests, was launched in 1995.

And we tell you all this because that launching was produced by all the great on such a day as today, a August 24. To give you an idea of ​​what all this entailed, that history has shown that it was not little, we leave here a video of his presentation.

Try Windows 98, 95 or ME right now

We will continue to look back on history by focusing on the Microsoft operating system. Since we have told you what day Windows 95 was presented today, now we are going to show you how you can remember its use on your current computer with Windows 10. Not only that, but in addition to this version of the system you will have the possibility to test Windows 98 or the problematic ME version.

For this that we tell you, all you will need is to use your favorite internet browser. And it is that next we are going to show you an emulator that with a single click of the mouse will allow you to go back to the past and use any of these three old versions of Windows that we discussed.

Microsoft prepares a new official Windows 10 store more attractive

One of the great bets of the company Redmond When Windows 10 launched 6 years ago, it was the official system store, the Microsoft Store. But for various reasons this store has not had the success expected by the firm, neither by the users nor by the developers. All this despite the improvements that have been gradually introduced in this section.

So Microsoft now wants to take advantage of the Windows 11 release to also present a renewed application store. This is something that they just showed us in a YouTube video in which some of these improvements are explained. To give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about, we leave you this video so you can see it.

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