Today you have a new opportunity to buy an Xbox Series X

How to buy an Xbox and not die trying

Microsoft has announced through the Xbox Twitter account in Spain, that the official website will have available Xbox Series X units this afternoon from 7:00 p.m. in Spain. These units will appear on the web as usual, and will disappear quickly in the same way that the previous stock disappeared a few weeks ago.

To get one of these models you must be fast, very fast, and go to the official product file directly instead of browsing the Microsoft website, which among other things could collapse a bit. So for that reason we leave you with the direct link to the product to avoid wasting time and go directly to the important thing.

Now you just have to add the product to the cart and checkout as soon as possible before the available units disappear, something that usually happens in a matter of minutes.

A demand that still does not go down

Xbox Series X review

Xbox Series X has proven to be an incredible machine with great potential, and the excellent proposition of Xbox Game Pass has finished convincing many users who now yearn to get a unit of the console. The problem is that the production chain continues to suffer delays in the components due to the stop of the pandemic, and as Toshiba (in charge of supplying chips for the console) has already announced, orders could be delayed at least until September 2022, and maybe until early 2023.

With this, what we want to try to warn, is that the availability of the console will continue to be scarce for a long time, and if you are thinking of acquiring it for Christmas, it will be better to start warming up your engines and lubricating the mouse click for this afternoon, or you could find yourself with problems at the end of the year. Prevention is better than cure.

Can you buy it on Amazon?

Xbox Series X review

At the moment Microsoft’s announcement only talks about stock in its official store, so we do not know exactly if the rest of the distributors will also get more units. The normal thing is that this is the case, but at the moment Amazon only has available units of Xbox Series S, which have been in stock for a long time.

Let’s not forget that the option to get an Xbox Series S is also a fantastic option, especially for those who are not interested in 4K resolution but still want to enjoy next-gen titles. So if this is your case, know that you have units available at a click.

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