Today’s News: Drivers, Windows 11 on CRT, Windows 95 Clock and Updates

We start a new week in July, a week that will be marked by the sun, the heat and in which, of course, we will continue to go around Windows 11. Microsoft continues to work little by little on its new operating system, a new version of Windows that brings both good and bad things. And users, how could it be less, have their own ideas of how this OS should improve.

Drivers, the great forgotten Windows

Keeping the drivers installed and updated is an essential task if we really want our PC to work in the best possible way. However, Windows does not really make it easy for us to update them. Microsoft takes care of downloading and installing new versions of “generic” drivers automatically thanks to Windows Update, but what about the rest? Normally it is necessary to use programs to download and update drivers easily without spending hours looking for them on the official websites.

A Reddit user shared a most interesting concept about a feature that should be part of Windows 11: a driver updater. This tool would allow us choose which drivers we want to install and which ones not, giving us the freedom to have control over our system. A tool inspired by the usual software updaters that, unfortunately, is not going to come true.

Windows 11 Drivers Updater

What would Windows 11 look like on a tube screen?

Today we all have an LCD screen on our computer. These flat screens, whether or not LED, are generally panoramic and have the ability to represent colors very accurately. But what happens if we try to run Windows 11, with all its effects and color hues, in a CRT tube display? Once again, Reddit once again solves our doubts.

Windows 11 CRT

The truth is that the result could have been much worse. As we can see, all the elements, even the transparencies and the rounded edges, can be appreciated more or less. well. It is clear that the monitor is not one of the requirements to be able to run Windows 11. Your 3-year-old CPU may not work with Windows 11, but your two-decade-old monitor will.

Windows 95 Clock

Today, everything related to collecting moves mountains (of money). And more when it comes to pieces as rare as a windows 95 clock. Although now it is very easy to find Apple or Android smart watches, Microsoft was ahead of all of them with its own Windows 95 clock. An analog clock that sported the operating system logo and in which we could only see the numbers 9 and 5.

A collector’s item, very unknown and with hardly any information on the net, which, if auctioned, will fetch a good sum of money.

Update your programs

Throughout this weekend, many developers have released new versions of their programs so that users can update them and take better advantage of all their functions and features.

  • Universal Media Server: a DLNA multimedia server compatible with a large number of formats and with all kinds of playback devices to turn our PC into a complete multimedia center. The new version 10.7 of the same improves the performance in systems with more than 8 GB of RAM, fixes several errors, improves the translations and updates many of the dependencies. We can download it for free from here.
  • UltraUXThemePatcher: this program allows us to patch Windows to be able to install and use all kinds of third-party themes without restrictions or limitations. The new version 4.2 adds support for Windows 10 21H2 (the next update) and even for Windows 11. We can download it from this link.
  • Adwcleaner: If you want to keep your computer free of adware or unwanted programs, this program is a must have. The new version improves the update engine, adds a call sign to the title bar when using beta versions, improves the update processes and fixes various bugs. We can download the program for free from its website.
  • CrystalDiskInfo: program to know the health status of hard drives and SSDs. The new version 8.12.3 focuses on adding support for Windows 11 and compatibility with Plextor brand SSDs. We can download this program from this link.
  • Notepad ++– Free and open source text and code editor, one of the best notepad alternatives for everything. The new version 8.1.1 focuses on improving the program’s dark mode and correcting some errors that we could find when using this same dark mode. We can download the new version from here.

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