Tom Holland first played Uncharted filming Spider-Man

In case you didn’t know, many important facts and discoveries (from breakfast cereals to Viagra) are the result of simple chance. Therefore, we should not be surprised that Tom Holland will end up playing, by pure coincidence to Uncharted, the game on which one of his upcoming blockbusters is based. We tell you all the details, because it is frankly curious.

Tom Holland turns everything to gold and that’s what Sony is hoping to do again with his next movie, Uncharted, in which Holland is headlining with Mark Wahlberg.

In these cases, the actors almost always sing a speech about how they have always been fans of the game, the book or the comics on which some great blockbusters are based.

However, Tom Holland has been much more honest when he has revealed that, in the case of his next premiere, played for the first time Uncharted fluff and thanks to rolling Spider-man.

Holland’s curious story with Uncharted

The video game saga Uncharted it has sold, in total and adding its different titles, more than 50 million copies at this point. It is an incredible achievement for a saga that has only been available for PlayStation until in 2016 they made a version for mobile phones and, now in 2022, the remastering from Uncharted 4 it will also be for PC.

However, none of those millions of copies is by Tom Holland. In fact, he discovered it by chance because he was shooting Spider-Man: Homecoming, the first of Marvel’s individual films dedicated to the wall-crawler.

This is the story in Holland’s own words.

«I didn’t discover the games until I started shooting Spider-Man: Homecoming. One of the luxuries of making these movies is that they are produced by Sony, and one of the luxuries of working for Sony is the PlayStation. So all the actors’ trailers were stocked with the best televisions and the latest PlayStations, and one of the games they gave me was Uncharted.

We are talking about 2016, so, in the spare time of filming, Tom Holland and his best friend spent their spare time with the Uncharted. And it is that, although he discovered it late and did not know anything about the game, this one completely captured him.

“As soon as we started, we couldn’t stop.” Tom Holland also said. “I remember trying to get me out of my trailer and I was like: No, no no, we are about to complete this mission.”

The Uncharted Video Game

From there, Holland spoke with Thomas Rothman, CEO of Sony Pictures, about making a movie about the video game. This plan, in fact, had already been around the production company for some time since at least 2008.

The only downside is that Holland was too young to play Nathan Drake, so they opted for a prequel to justify a main character much younger than the one in the video games.

The movie of Uncharted hits theaters on February 22, 2022So we’ll soon see if Holland’s love of games is conveyed in the movie. And if this is so successful, it opens a franchise with a young Nathan Drake at the helm.

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