Too much? This is the difference between the most expensive and cheapest iPhone

In the past, if we were talking about the iPhone, we were referring to a single device, but since Apple launches several per year and maintains as many from previous generations, things have changed. The evolution of the price of the iPhone, up in some ranges and down in others, leaves us with several curious data that we analyze in this article.

Almost 800 euros of difference between one and the other

Taking into account only the iPhones that Apple continues to officially sell in its stores, we can find that the iPhone SE 2nd generation starts at a price of 489 euros in its 64 GB version. At the other end is the brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max with a starting price of 1,259 euros in its capacity of 128 GB.

A exact difference of 770 euros is the one that exists between these two devices, although if we take into account the most expensive version of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the 1 TB, this difference increases to 1,350 euros, given that that device costs a whopping 1,839 euros.

Is this difference justified?

Obviously that there are such gross differences between phones of the same brand is undeniable and even more so when Apple is not known for releasing low-end phones. There is no doubt that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is its best mobile, anchored in the premium range, but the ‘SE’ is not a low range either and in fact it could not be classified as a mid-range, but as a high-end without more.

iPhone SE 2020 white

IPhone SE offers a similar usage experience to that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, changing the navigation by gestures for that of the Home button and little else. Both offer all the features of iOS 15, although of course there are differences at the performance level. Starting with the chip, that the ‘SE’ mounts an A13 Bionic and the ’13 Pro Max ‘an A15 Bionic, a jump of two generations that by itself is already one of the justifications for the price increase.

On the other hand the materials used both in the construction of the devices and in the screen quality and even dimensions. The ‘SE’ carries an IPS panel of just 4.7 inches and the other a very high-performance OLED panel, with 120 Hz refresh rate and 6.7 inches. Also in aspects such as cameras wave battery They have more than obvious differences and it is precisely the ‘SE’ that has the characteristic of being a very fair phone in autonomy.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Therefore, both have different target audiences In short, the iPhone SE is aimed at the public that makes a very basic use of the device and needs to have iOS as an operating system. While the iPhone 13 Pro Max is aimed at the most demanding public looking for an off-road team, with spectacular cameras and plenty of battery to withstand days of intensive use.

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