Top 10 Spider-Man cartoonists

Definitely a very particular style, with hints of cartoon for a Spider-man more adolescent inside the line Ultimate Comics.

Just because of his own and recognizable style, which is a bit reminiscent of that of the Mexican Humberto Ramos (another of the best cartoonists of Spider-man), Mark Bagley deserves to make the list.

9. Marcos Martín

It is not national pride, it is talent and truth. The Spanish cartoonist Marcos Martín took the inks from Spider-man in its number 559 and fused the traditional Steve Dikto with the new trends.

It is true that he has not participated in too many numbers, but each one is a work of art that makes him be considered one of the best cartoonists of Spider-man.

8. Humberto Ramos

Spider-Man Humberto Ramos

I’ve already named it and here it is. Ramos is responsible for some of the best Spider-manfrom the 2000s. He has in common with Bagley being the most heterodox of the Spider-Man cartoonists.

His style is, again, somewhat exaggerated, distorted towards the cartoon or the cartoon, but in a different way than Bagley. However, that same style would greatly influence the portrait of the character during the first decade of the 21st century.

7. Erik Larsen

Spider-Man Erik Larsen

Larsen took the witness from Todd McFarlane when he finished his stint Spider-man. After McFarlane’s darkest and most detailed stage, Larsen returns us to the most classic lines, to the original Steve Ditko, but bringing it to modern times.

His stay in the comic was not very long, but his influence on the character, yes, setting the tone for those who came after. For that alone, he deserves to be considered one of the best cartoonists of Spider-man.

6. Alex Ross

Spider-man alex ross

Ross is an artist specializing in a drawing that brings comics closer to realism. Its phenomenal Kingdom come proved it and his Spider-man follow the same style as it would be in reality.

What can I say? I have a weak point called Alex Ross. His art is recognizable for miles (for good) and he traced Spider-man with the same neatness and realism as the rest of the superheroes he has taken care of. One pass, in my opinion.

5. John Romita Jr.

Spider-Man John Romita Jr

It is difficult to meet parental expectations, something that almost never goes well, except when it comes to John Romita Jr. and Spider-man.

John Romita Jr. picked up the witness from his father, John Romita Sr. and became the Spider-man 90’s. Romita Jr. has also put his enormous talent at the service of other superheroes, from Daredevil to Batman, passing through some more alternative, like the Kick Ass by Mark Millar.

4. Sara Pichelli

Spider-Man Sara Pichelli

Sara Pichelli would deserve a place in this ranking just for the fact of having co-created on Spider-man by Miles Morales and have redefined the character, but he deserves much more.

He captured like nobody else the essence of the new Spider-man, who is actually a child in a world that is a bit too big for him, especially in the beginning. In addition to that, his clean line is impeccable and is responsible for Miles’s costume, already as legendary as Peter Parker’s traditional red and blue.

3. Todd McFarlane

Spider-Man Todd McFarlane

The artist who drew to the Spider-man best seller of all time. There is no discussion on that. Todd is quirky, I was always a big fan of his Spawn In the 90s, his style captured me and translated it very well to Spider-man.

With McFarlane we have a darker, more detailed Peter Parker, especially when it comes to his cobwebs. All this would also serve to give life on paper to one of the most iconic characters in the universe Spider-man: Venom, the symbiote.

2. Steve Ditko

Spider-Man Steve Ditko

Ditko is THE cartoonist of Spider-Man. That is undeniable. He was the one who first shaped it, the father of the drawing who brought to life what Stan Lee had in mind (a bit of a bounce, as Lee didn’t like the take that the legendary Jack Kirby had of the character).

Be that as it may, it’s rare for the former to be the best at drawing superheroes, but Ditko is one of the exceptions that prove the rule.

I will not argue much with those who believe that Steve Dikto is the best cartoonist in Spider-man and it should be at number 1. It is possible and it is a decision that has cost, but the gold medal goes to …

1. John Romita Sr.

Spider-Man Romita Sr

Dikto suddenly left in the 1960s and Marvel didn’t know what to do, so he commissioned veteran John Romita Sr. to draw the wall-crawler. Not only did he live up to the commission, many fans rightly believe (me among them), that he passed the test with flying colors.

So much so that it is considered the best cartoonist of Spider-man of history. His clean and emblematic line was engraved with fire Spider-man always in all his followers. In addition, it also meant the passage to adulthood of Peter Parker, already a man and with a somewhat more muscular constitution.

That maybe Dikto fans (I am, obviously) can start a civil war, but they don’t have to. I think that everyone who knows and wants the comics of Spider-man you know that one or the other may be at number 1 and it would be well deserved.

Or that even this is a shared podium, but since in the end it is my podium, and I think it is important to get wet (and deliver the article at once, instead of hesitating so much) the highest step is for John Romita Sr.

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