Top 10 Tools for the UX/UI Designer in 2022

There are a lot of free and paid services and programs that can simplify and speed up UX/UI designer’s work. Here are the most functional and useful of them.


A tool that is as simple as that is great for interface design and software design, capable of integrating with other programs. Here you can edit vector graphics, fonts, process images created in other programs, and adjust the design layout to the right size with pixel-for-pixel accuracy. Sketch has all the options of the macOS app, as well as a separate web app.


Mockplus is a versatile designer’s tool that allows you to create:

  • The structure (framework) of the future resource.
  • Interactive prototypes.
  • Projects that you can work on together.

Mockplus can be integrated with dozens of other tools due to its cloud structure. Here you can add comments, attach documents to individual design elements, save style guides, track feedback from colleagues.

Fluid UI

Fluid UI is a highly accurate tool for creating detailed layouts, and prototypes. The tool has a flexible user interface and extensive features, including:

  • Prototyping.
  • Built-in libraries.
  • Adding comments.
  • Customizable project access rights.

You can use the program in your browser or install the application on your gadget. It’s convenient to create the structure of sites and applications, make clickable individual elements of prototypes, and share files with colleagues. Also, there are services like to build apps and platforms for your business.


A collaborative service where you can create diagrams and preliminary wireframes for future resources. There are more than 20 ready-made templates and forms for creating an interface. Any element can be added to the project by drag and drop. You can communicate with the team directly in the project by leaving comments and notifications. Several people can work on one file at once.


Lucidchart is a collaborative service for creating diagrams. But in fact, it can be used to quickly create a preliminary sketch of a site or application. This is the best option not for design professionals, but for those who need to quickly and clearly schematically depict the structure and logic of the future interface.


It’s an online platform for inclusive digital design and development collaboration. You can add ready-made images, basic shapes, or draw the structure of a website or app from scratch by hand. InVision is perfect for teamwork because it’s a cloud-based app where multiple designers can work simultaneously on a single project.


Universal tool for UI/UX designer. It’s loved for its simplicity and ease of creating layouts, interface design. With Adobe XD you can, without spending a lot of time to master the program, create:

  • Banners.
  • Design layouts.
  • Prototypes.

In Adobe XD, you can draw vector graphics, adapt images to the right size, edit drawings through Photoshop, and use 3D-conversion tools.


Surely you are already familiar with this handy and versatile web design program that you can use together with your colleagues. Here you can easily create prototypes and layouts and test your designs. Designers note that Figma significantly saves time and facilitates work on a variety of tasks.


Another useful online service for drawing prototypes that can be used on Windows and macOS devices. Here you can work with prototypes and mockups interactively. The service has an extensive library of common elements for creating interfaces. UXPin allows you to create precise and accurate structures and prototypes. This is convenient because it minimizes the time required to rework the final design.


This tool is not only suitable for designers but also for developers, allowing them to add new details to the layout with a simple drag and drop. It helps quickly create initial prototypes and implement your ideas as quickly as possible. The program’s interface already has pre-built controls that are most often used in creating layouts and preliminary structures. The Balsamiq Wireframing Academy training module will help you quickly understand the program and master its main options.

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