Top 4 Reasons To Adopt Oracle Cloud

The businesses are looking for better performance, lower prices, and faster cloud migration for the proper working of their applications. Customers choose Oracle cloud migration versus other services for various reasons: They may move and operate any workload, including Oracle databases and apps, VMware, and bare metal servers, directly on Oracle Cloud. 

Customers may quickly deploy security controls and automation to avoid misconfiguration problems and follow security best practices. Oracle’s end-to-end SLAs encompassing performance, availability, and management of services reduce risk. Finally, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides greater performance at a cheaper cost than other services for their workloads.

On-premises Deployment of The Same Public Cloud

On-premises infrastructure is preferred by businesses to fulfill regulatory and data sovereignty requirements, reduce latency, and maintain local resource control. They want to make use of the public cloud’s features and benefits while maintaining the isolation and security of on-premises equipment.

Unlike other services, Oracle puts its full suite of public cloud services into your data center, allowing you to save money, modernize old applications, and meet your most stringent data sovereignty and latency requirements. 

Increased Operational Efficiency at Low Costs

Customers are increasingly transferring mission-critical enterprise applications and databases to the cloud in order to increase operational efficiency and application performance. Customers want to be able to complete these migrations without having to change their existing software or IT procedures. Oracle, unlike other services, makes migrations a breeze.

Oracle Cloud offers the finest deployment choices, highest performance, highest availability, and lowest prices for Oracle databases and workloads. Oracle provides clients with the flexibility to ramp up to a SaaS model for corporate programs like ERP, HCM, and so on, which is not achievable with other services because other services do not offer any enterprise SaaS applications.

Workload needs to be managed no matter what industry it is

Customers may run applications directly on bare metal server hardware on-premises when performance, latency, or security are crucial, and they want the same options in the public cloud. They want to shift the workloads that are now running on these physical servers. They can also connect with VMware environments without having to re-architect programs. You must tweak familiar software or add complexity to their operations. Other services, however, do not make it as straightforward as Oracle. 

Simplifies and automated security

Oracle cloud integration is built on a zero-trust, security-first foundation. Unlike other services, it offers simple security controls and automation to help you avoid misconfiguration mistakes and adopt security best practices. To help you secure your workloads and applications, they offer identity and access management. You can also look for data protection and encryption. There are also services provided for unified security controls. 


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