Top 5 Critically Rated Netflix Series Right Now

Today we have become arduous consumers of series through streaming platforms. Where before, when they were broadcast on TV, we could see 1 or 2 series at the same time that they were prolonged in time depending on the number of chapters, now we can do that in less than a week if we propose. For this reason, if you are somewhat short of ideas of what will be the next one you will see, we have compiled the best Netflix series according to the critics of the moment. That is, based on the opinion of the IMDb users, one of the best cinematic databases in the world.


One of the series that is hitting the most at the moment is You, which is now in its third season on Netflix. In it its protagonist is Joe, a seemingly reserved librarian who meets a girl while working. So, where is the problem? Well, what this man hides from everyone. A story based on obsessive love and control taken to the extreme.

The Squid Game

Another series that must sound like you yes or yes, especially because of the success it has had in the last month, is The Squid Game. A different plot than what we are used to seeing. The story of how the despair caused by poor decisions of a group of individuals leads them to face a series of life and death tests. The winner will get the prize that will change his life, or so it is assumed.

The assistant

The series of The assistant It seems to be charming the public, especially for the message it conveys. This young mother escapes from the city after living a constant abusive relationship by her partner. After finding work as a maid, she will fight to find the best future for her daughter and herself.

Midnight Mass

The community we know through the series of Midnight Mass It is on the verge of extinction. However, a new priest comes to town and, from this moment, different miracles begin to happen, mysterious and inexplicable things.

The walking dead

Although the success of the series The walking dead It has a fairly long shadow that lasts until 2010, it seems that the public continues to enjoy it like the first day. We do not believe that this title needs too many presentations but, in case there are any clueless in the room, there it goes.

The walking dead is a series set in a future apocalyptic moment in which our world is devastated. This causes many humans to mutate and transform into zombies, wanting to literally eat every living thing around them. The survivors will have to face the new life that awaits them by escaping from these series, although they will not be the only dangers that lie in wait for them.

So far the 5 series that you can watch on Netflix that have received the best reviews by users have come. Remember that these are the most popular titles at the moment, so stay tuned to the article that we will publish a little later next year to know the news.

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