Top 5 Features of macOS Ventura

If there is an operating system that is characterized by offering great stability to all users, it is macOS. However, that does not imply that in each version, the Cupertino company introduces features that improve the user experience even more. For this reason, in this post we are going to tell you 5 new features of macOS Ventura that, for sure, you are going to love.

What does macOS Ventura bring?

The operating system dedicated to Apple computers does not usually suffer a great wave of new functions and improvements, since it does not really need it. However, that does not mean that there are no functions that come with the passing of the macOS versions to further complete the great user experience that the vast majority of people have whenever they use an Apple computer. This new version, macOS Ventura, which will arrive in the last quarter of 2022, does the same and incorporates really interesting features. Here we tell you our 5 favorites.

  • The main use that most people make of a computer, whether Apple or not, is to work with it, and with this the goal of trying to be as productive as possible is always present. Well, Apple has introduced the visual organizer, a new way to organize all the windows and applications that you have open on your Mac. With this, the system automatically organizes them so that you can concentrate on your work and see everything at a glance. The window you’re working with appears active in the center, while the rest stay on the left side for easy task switching.

visual organizer

  • One of the main value contributions that Apple has is its ecosystem and all the synergies that occur between its devices. With macOS Ventura and iOS 16, the Cupertino company has enabled a new Continuity feature, allowing users to be able to use iPhone as a webcam without having to do anything at all. In addition, those who have the ultra wide angle lens, will also be able to enjoy Desk View, which will allow call attendees to see your desktop.

webcam camera

  • A function that reaches the entire Apple ecosystem but that is especially noteworthy in macOS is the possibility of using Handoff with FaceTime. This way if you have started a video call on iPhone and get to your room, you can easily transfer it to your Mac to continue it.
  • If there’s one app Apple is always working on, it’s Safari. Once again, with macOS Ventura, the Cupertino company’s browser comes with interesting news, especially for those who want to work collaboratively. From now on, all users will be able to organize groups of tabs as well as share these groupsso that they can even see in real time which users are in each of them.

access keys

  • Continuing with Safari, we must obviously talk about the access keys. These are the new credentials that Apple has developed to provide more security to all users. They are easy to use and completely designed to replace traditional passwords, but with a vital advantage, these access keys cannot be stolen by network thieves.

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