Top 5 Jony Ive Designs at Apple

One of the key points that make Apple great are the designs of its devices, in fact, it is a company that gives tremendous importance to the aesthetics of each of the products it brings to the market. Jony Ive is in this sense one of the main architects of Apple equipment being as it is today, so in this post we have compiled what are, for us, the 5 best designs he has made.

Unforgettable teams with iconic designs

We start this compilation of iconic Jony Ive designs with one of the classics, the iPod. This device marked a before and after in the Cupertino company, among other things because of the groundbreaking design that this equipment presented in 2001. The mythical wheel through which you moved through the menus and the inclusion of the white color throughout the body, they made this music player an object of desire for the whole world.

Continuing with the line of iconic designs, it is time to talk about the Iphone 4. Apple left aside the rounded frames of the first iPhone models to make way for square frames, accompanied by a shiny glass that gave the iPhone 4, launched in 2011, a touch of exquisite luxury. For many users, this is the best design devised by Apple, and it is that even today in 2022 it continues to delight all those who are lucky enough to be able to have it and observe it in their hand.

Iphone 4

One of the products that has had the most designs throughout its history is the Mac, but obviously we have to highlight what Jony Ive did with it. iMac G5 in 2004. Surely it is not the most iconic of all the models that the Cupertino company has presented throughout its history, but it has tremendous importance, since it marked the design line that, since then, Apple has followed with all the iMacs. A computer where everything necessary was inside the body of the screen itself, with a base that is still valid today to support it. In fact, the concept today remains the same, what has changed, fortunately, is the thickness of the screen itself.


We are still talking about computers, but in this case we are going to the field of laptops. We are in the year 2008 when Steve Jobs took out of a small envelope, a laptop that was almost as thin as a sheet of paper, the MacBook Air. Surely we are facing one of the most iconic designs in the history of Apple, in fact, this launch could say that it set the trend for all laptops, both from Apple and from other manufacturers, that would arrive years later. Its thinness and minimalism fell in love with the entire public.

MacBook Air

We end with one of the most special devices, the iPhone X. Apple had to celebrate 10 years of the iPhone in some way, and Jony Ive certainly did not disappoint with the first all-screen iPhone design (except for the Notch). With a back that was very reminiscent of the iPhone 4, with shiny glass and sides that, on the other hand, were close to what Apple had done with models like the 3G or 3GS. Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful iPhone models in the company’s history.

iPhone X

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