Top 5 virtual reality games

Whether you’re a VR veteran or someone who recently acquired a pair of VR headsets, choosing a game to enjoy the gadget can be a challenging task. That’s because this type of gameplay has become popular in recent years and has opened up space for a multitude of ports and new titles tailored for the virtual world.

So that no one has to waste time digging through the store of each distributor or system to check what’s good and what’s not good, the team at TecMasters went after the 5 best virtual reality games today and I have a list ready for you.

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We look for games from different platforms and from the most varied genres so that anyone can have fun within the VR space. So, are you ready for this journey?

What are the top 5 virtual reality games?

Soon after, you can check the Top 5 of the TecMasters in relation to the unmissable virtual reality games on the main platforms of the segment.

Before that, however, it is worth mentioning that most of the games available on PC via Steam can also be enjoyed by users of Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) through dedicated applications – such as Virtual Desktop – by connecting the device via USB-C cable to your computer or using the Air Link.

With the warnings out of the way, check out our list of the best VR games, pick the ones you like best and have fun!

1) Beat Saber

In our opinion, the first game that anyone should try in virtual reality glasses is Beat Saber. Mixing rhythm game, physical exercise and motor challenge, the game will introduce you to the VR world in a very fun way – all while you wield two lightsabers, of course. The replay factor is guaranteed with extra music packs, constant updates and different levels of difficulty.

2) Half-Life: Alyx

Virtual reality

Image: Valve

This was a game that took a lot of people by surprise and marked Valve’s official return to the Half-Life franchise. Not only that, but as soon as it was released, Half Life: Alyx was considered by many to be the best VR game of all time, even being a candidate for game of the year, vying for the position with traditional titles. Precise controls, incredible story and jaw-dropping graphics make this adventure unforgettable.

3) Boneworks

Virtual reality

Image: Stress Level Zero

While Alyx demonstrates the pinnacle of virtual reality these days, boneworks is the kind of game that thinks about the future of technology. Instead of the polish of Valve’s game, Boneworks delivers an advanced VR experience packed with experimental features and concepts. In practice this means that you’ll go through scenarios full of puzzles, defeat hordes of enemies and manipulate everything you can in one of the most immersive games of the genre. Notice: this title can cause nausea and dizziness after long sessions.

4) Moss

And if Boneworks brings a raw and brutal personal experience, moss goes against all this to place you as an observer – and a secondary character – of a light and very beautiful story. Through beautiful scenarios full of puzzles, your main objective is to help the friendly mouse Quill overcome challenges and embark on an epic journey. If it sounds cute, it’s because it’s cute.

5) Resident Evil 4 VR

Old game? Yes, but with a radically new proposal that completely transforms the player’s experience. This is the premise of Resident Evil 4 VR, which exclusively brings to Meta Quest 2 one of the most beloved episodes of Capcom’s horror and action franchise. Much of the graphics have been revitalized for VR, while all gameplay has been given special attention to the 1st person view and aiming with the device’s controls. In addition, the “Mercenaries” mode adds even more content compared to the original game.

Honorable mentions – 5 more must-see VR games

So that our list doesn’t get huge, we’ve limited the compilation of the best virtual reality games to just 5 games. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t other titles as good as them lying around.

We separate 5 more of them below – and their respective platforms – as honorable mentions of this Top 5 of the TecMasters. See what they are:

  • Immortal Vader – Meta Quest 2, PC and PS VR
  • Skyrim VR – PC and PS VR
  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Meta Quest 2, PC and PS VR
  • Superhot VR – Meta Quest 2, PC and PS VR
  • Astro Bot: Rescue Mission – PS VR

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