Top 8 best Android apps for reselling Christmas gifts

Christmas is an opportunity to get together as a family, to eat well and to unwrap the gifts! Gifts, let’s talk about it. Like every year, you will certainly unbox some by telling yourself “But why did Tata Suzanne have the idea to buy such a filthy thing? Well, I’ll put it in the cellar with the gifts from Tonton Maurice and Mamie Ginette ”. We invite you to discover our top of the best Android applications to resell your Christmas gifts!


In 2021 we no longer keep unwanted gifts, we resell them! And yes, times have changed, it is no longer immoral to pass on gifts that we do not like or those that we have duplicate. The proof is that eBay receives more and more new announcements every year on Christmas Day. A boon for both sellers … and buyers who can indulge themselves at low prices!

Here is the list of the eight essential applications to resell your gifts and make yourself happy with those of others!


eBay is no longer to present. The famous buy-resale site is no longer as dashing as it used to be but remains a must. Its great strength is obviously the auction system. So a gift that you absolutely dislike may be of great value to someone else. The opportunity for you to get rid of it at the best price.

Download eBay

The good corner

Everyone is obviously familiar with the famous used goods resale site. On Le Bon Coin every year an incalculable number of gifts are resold. Look at the number of ads posted on Boxing Day, you will be impressed. So if you too want to barter a gift that you absolutely don’t like, you can count on the site’s large community to help you.

Download Le Bon Coin


viagogo resell christmas gifts

Viagogo may not speak to everyone. It is in fact a application exclusively dedicated to the purchase and resale of tickets for shows or events : concerts, sporting events, theater, opera etc. So if Tata Huguette bought you tickets to accompany her to a modern version of the Traviata, you know where to sell them. You might find tickets for a Rolling Stones concert.

Download Viagogo


The American internet sales giant will also allow you to part with the most despicable gifts you have ever received. The strength of the Amazon platform is that you can resell everything. Absolutely everything. Here again, the large community of buyers will allow you to resell your gifts very quickly.

Download Amazon


Rakuten does the exact same thing as Amazon. Here again we can resell just about any object. According to the site, a reseller earns on average 200 euros when selling a smartphone received under the tree. If you resell a toy, the average profit is 30 euros.

Download Rakuten


Shpock is an application based on the same principle as Le Bon Coin. The strength of this application is undoubtedly its interface. It’s sort of an online secondhand market. It is extremely easy to list an item, and it is just as easy to buy it. Exchanges with buyers are incredibly simple. The ideal tool if you want to resell your gifts quickly and well.

Download Shpock


Vinted is specially dedicated to the resale of clothing, shoes or fashion accessories. You can find everything there and as for Shpock it is the interface which is extremely simple. Here too, you can interact with buyers easily. The seller rating system is also a good way to assess the seriousness of the interlocutors.

Download Vinted

Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace resell christmas gifts

Directly integrated into the Facebook application, the Marketplace makes it possible to address many potential buyers. Posting a new ad is a snap. It suffices to provide some basic information about the object and add some photos. Once it’s done, you can easily share the ad on a group or on your profile.

Download Facebook

These are the apps we found to separate you from the Christmas gifts you don’t like. The best is still not to have to do it, but that is the magic of Christmas, it is an event full of surprises, good and bad, but above all good!

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