Top Comedy TikTok Accounts With The Highest Following

TikTok is an absolute goldmine for comedy. While the app may have become well-known for dance challenges and lip-syncing videos, you can pretty much find anything you might want on TikTok, and that includes side-splittingly hilarious comedy content. Some of TikTok’s biggest names are comedy creators, but given the fact that TikTok often becomes notorious for content outside this remit, you may never have heard of some of them (despite their huge follower counts!).

After you’ve looked through these comedy TikTok accounts, you may even be inspired to create a comedy TikTok channel of your own. It’s not easy to do this, though; being funny is hard, and gathering followers and likes is harder still. That’s why many creators and influencers turn to tools like TikFreeFollowers to help them get started. Many of these creators may even have done this themselves! Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top comedy TikTok accounts. We’re not listing these in any particular order; they’re just funny TikTok accounts that we think will make you laugh!

The Dobre Twins – 30.4 million followers

The Dobre Twins post comedy TikTok gold on a regular basis. Their videos range from relationship troubles through to gaming-related content and skits featuring their partners and family members. The Dobre Twins aren’t just a comedy act, though; they also occasionally feature dance tutorials, and their acrobatic talents frequently make appearances in their videos as well. Their channel is great if you want to laugh but also to learn something.

Sarati – 10.2 million followers

If you’ve ever cut yourself shaving while getting ready for date night, then Sarati’s content will appeal to you. She mostly posts about her everyday struggles as a woman in the modern world, but like all the great TikTok comedy channels, it’s not just about the laughter; you’ll also find lots of relatable content and thought-provoking stuff here as well. Everyone can find something to laugh about in Sarati’s videos, so check her out if you need some levity in your life.

Sarah Cooper – 647.2k followers

Sarah Cooper is less well-known than many of her peers, and that’s a crime. She became famous mainly for lip-syncing some of Donald Trump’s speeches, and watching her do so is hilarious every time, and a lot of her other content is political in nature, so if you’re a Trump supporter, you may not find her particularly funny. She hasn’t uploaded for a while now, which is a real shame. Sarah, if you’re reading this, we need you now more than ever!

Vincent Marcus – 1.8 million followers

Vincent Marcus describes himself as a “comedian, beat boxer, and impressionist”. He’s absurdly talented in all three areas, and it makes us jealous just watching his videos. His hilarious “have you ever been in love” sketch has over 740,000 views alone, while his “beatboxing sign” video – in which he beatboxes against a backdrop of a malfunctioning light – has a staggering 13.7 million views. Like many other comedy TikTok creators, Marcus is one of those people who’s both funny and incredibly talented.

Liam Silk – 6.7 million followers

Liam Silk’s content focuses largely on his student experience. He’s got content about studying hard (or not doing so), telling friends about what happened in class, and interacting with teachers, but he’s also got videos about what it’s like living on a day-to-day basis as a student. His hand sanitiser video has 7.8 million views alone, and it’s one you’ll be familiar with if you’ve used a hand sanitiser in a public place. Definitely check Liam out if you’re living the student life as well.

KT Franklin – 2.5 million followers

KT Franklin is a British TikToker who creates content themed around her experiences in life. Some of her videos include watching friends give fake numbers to strangers, catching up with friends you haven’t seen in years, and acknowledging that you want more attention from someone you’re talking to. She’s also got a presence on other social networks, and it’s well worth hitting her up on YouTube or Instagram if you want to know more about her and her life. Like the other creators on this list, she’s bound to put a smile on your face!

Cole LaBrant – 20.7 million followers

Anyone who has a young family can relate to the content Cole LaBrant creates. At the core of his comedy is a deep love for his wife and young children, but he’s also not afraid to point out the ways that their lives together are absurd or don’t make sense. His most recent video (at time of writing) is an adorable skit in which he interviews his young daughter, and the results are both hilarious and heartwarming. If you love gentle, wholesome family comedy, then Cole LaBrant should absolutely be on your must-follow list.

James Henry – 3.6 million followers

James Henry is a comedy creator who also occasionally posts dance-related videos. Like most of the other creators on this list, he’s a multipotentialite who doesn’t want to limit himself to a single discipline. His “Airport Moments” videos are great; they’re all about the things you’ve always wanted to do on a plane and how impractical or just straight up unfun many of these things would turn out to be if you actually did them. We’d recommend James Henry’s content to anyone who wants to see an insanely talented man make content more relatable than you ever thought he could.

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