Top External Hard Drive Data Recovery Software for Windows

Did you just end up losing weeks of your hard work with a single click of your mouse? There are times when you end up accidentally deleting a part of or all of your data and that then becomes a cause of worry. You put in every possible effort to restore your data, but all in vain. You don’t know the ways you can restore your data. That’s the exact reason behind the creation of data recovery software. 

Will you be able to recover your data?

Data recovery software work to recover all or a part of your data, ensuring by tracing the location of the deleted data. One benefit of using the Windows operating system is that a recovery software will be able to recover all or most of your data as the old data in Windows is not deleted unless new data overrides it. 

Even if you plan to take your system for data recovery at a service station, you will realise that the charges levied will be a hefty amount. Recovery of the data is equally important, but what if you can do that by cutting the costs and trying to resolve the issue on your own?

Working with data recovery software is not a very difficult task and will just require you to follow certain protocols that the app will offer. You don’t need technical knowledge about software and computers to be able to recover your data.

Best data recovery software

1. Stellar data recovery

Stellar data recovery will help you to recover your lost data, be it a business file or your personal images and videos. Stellar data recovery software will handle your files well and let you heave a sigh of relief. Both Windows and Mac users can benefit from it.

2. iTop Data Recovery software- Recommend

Salient features of the iTop Data Recovery software include the capability to recover all of your data. It can be used for SDD, HDD, and USB files as well. This software has been used by many people and is known for its ease of use.

iTop also offers Top Data Protector that offers you the ability to protect your files so that you don’t end up deleting them. It is amongst the top data recovery apps and works wonders.  

3. EaseUS Data recovery wizard

It can scan your drives and give you an interface that will help you better understand the working of this data recovery software. It can be used to recover all forms of data.

4. Advanced disk recovery

This software is user-friendly and extremely easy to use. Even if you have zero knowledge about data recovery software, you can easily recover all of your data with this software without the need for much technical knowledge. It scans your Windows system within seconds, locates the deleted file, and then helps you to recover the lost data within no time.

Advantages of iTop Data Recovery software

  1. Most data recovery software are able to restore all or most of your deleted data, but the data recovery from iTop stands out from the rest.
  2. iTop save you from paying the hefty amount of money that the service centres will charge for recovering your data. One data recovery may cost you as much as $1000. 
  3. iTop can recover data stored in the form of a flash drive, hard drive, disk, or any other storage device

Apart from the software mentioned above, there is a huge list of data recovery software. You can select the one that works best and offers a user-friendly interface. You should also consider the compatibility of the recovery software with your system.

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