TOP of most listened songs in Spain with Apple Music

Having already entered December, dates of summaries and reviews of the best of the year in many areas are coming. Regarding the music scene, we are already this week with the best of Apple Music in 2021. Or at least with the most listened to. On the platform you can find an interesting ranking by country, as well as special distinctions at the international level.

10 most listened songs on Apple Music

If we look at the songs with the highest number of reproductions in Spain, we find an evident preference for the Latin music, in which artists like Bad Bunny, Camilo or Rauw Alejandro take the cake. Also other national artists such as Rosalía or C. Tangana occupy the first places of a ranking of up to 100 songs. The first 10 are these:

Remember that you can check those of your country from the ‘Explore’ tab of the application. In this same section you will also see the TOP 100 internationally, in which we highlight these 10 topics that occupy the first positions:

Accolades at the 2021 Apple Music Awards

As has been a tradition for some years now, the Californian company has also decided to award awards to the most important artists of the year, of which many have had their songs among the most listened to during 2021.

  • The Weeknd
  • Olivia rodrigo
  • HER
  • Wizkid
  • Aya Nakamura
  • RIN
  • Official Hige Dandism
  • Scriptone

apple music awards 2021

For these, Apple has created some special playlists with what they consider “essential” themes of each artist or band. Categorized by style or by the album in which they came out, you can also discover it from the ‘Explore’ tab of Apple Music, either on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and even Apple TV. It is likely that in the coming weeks personal compilations will also be available in which to see the songs most listened to by each user privately.

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