Top proxy providers going into 2022

A proxy server is a very simple yet incredibly effective and versatile tool for online anonymity. The constant monitoring and increased awareness of the death of privacy on the web encourage internet users to take an active interest in preventive measures that minimize digital footprints and create a safer browsing experience.

Top proxy providers going into 2022

While proxy servers may seem like primitive tools that can be used by anyone, different types, locations, prices, and other technical aspects prove that legitimate providers have their differences and each one has appealing features for potential clients.

For a casual internet user that wants to create a safe browsing experience, finding an affordable provider for individual needs is a simple process with no need to overanalyze technical details. However, the market is full of business-oriented proxy server providers that seek to create the best product for essential company tasks.

In a digital business environment, information, copious amounts of data, is the most valuable resource. Most modern companies use web scraping – automated data gathering from public sources to keep aggregating information from competitor websites and use the accumulated knowledge to create better circumstances and outperform other players in the market. Proxy servers help these businesses by masking the IP address of packets transmitted and received by web scrapers.

Finding the proxy provider for automated bots is necessary because scrapers do not behave like real internet users, their predictable behavior patterns and an increased rate of connections can be easily recognized by third-party websites. With a big pool of proxy IP addresses, a banned address is replaced by a different server.

Proxy servers are an essential part of the web scraping experience, and we also encounter different types of proxies that add their strengths to the data aggregation process. For information extraction, the best proxy server is a residential proxy. Because addresses of residential proxies come from real mobile and desktop devices, they provide higher quality data access (do not get blocked), unlike VPNs or datacenter proxies, which are bound to be blocked in bulk. With the setup of intermediary servers, profits from web scraping operations increase by 300% due to higher quality data and faster data acquisition. These networks are at least 2,000% larger than datacenter proxy networks, which makes them have a global reach for penetrating the truly global data market and upwards of $36 billion.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at the usage of proxy servers for web scraping even proceed to Cloudflare bypass, as well as discuss the top proxy providers going into 2022. It is unlikely to find the best proxy server provider because different suppliers have unique strengths and weaknesses. If you want to see the technical side of the most popular proxy providers, click here. For now, let’s determine the criteria for finding the best proxy server suppliers for web scraping and which providers possess these qualities.

Small businesses need affordability

In a perfect scenario, every company wants to work with a proxy provider with IPs that offer a near-perfect success rate, stable connections, and a desirable success rate. The truth is, not all businesses have the same level of dependence on web scraping. Of course, if you run an aggregator website, your entire business model is centered around information extraction, in which case, the best proxies are mandatory. But if you run a smaller company that can benefit from a bit of data aggregation, it is better to choose a very affordable provider like PacketStream.

Cream of the crop providers that offer additional features

Small-scale scraping operations are simple – all you need is a pool of residential proxy IPs and your target. However, when businesses depend on a constant stream of fresh data, the best performing proxies, and additional features that aid in the management, premium proxy providers like Oxylabs should be a no-brainer choice if you can afford their services.

Choose the provider with the most suitable proxy locations

When connecting to the internet through a proxy server, our goal is to maintain anonymity while preserving internet speed. For web scraping, we use residential IPs which are already slower than datacenter proxies. In general, Smartproxy, Oxylabs, and Bright Data have the biggest pools of residential proxy IPs, therefore you should have no trouble finding addresses in your approximate location. Small regional discrepancies should not cause trouble for web scraping operations, but social marketing and localization tasks greatly benefit from proxy providers with granular location coverage. While suppliers like GeoSurf and SOAX have nowhere near the same amount of IPs as providers discussed above, the ability to choose a specific proxy location with thousands of cities around the world, the diversity of available network identities assists businesses looking to expand and advertise in different countries and regions.

Understanding the differences between proxy providers will help you choose the best option that suits your needs. While some suppliers seem to have a clear advantage over their competitors in web scraping, the alternatives might be more affordable for companies or more suited for different business tasks. Once you analyze their features, you will better understand the technical intricacies of proxy servers, as well as which choice is the best for your current situation.

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