Top Tips to Improve Your Kill Count on Your Favorite FPS Games

When it comes to FPS games, many gamers search for the elusive ‘one shot, one kill’ method. The ability to kill another character with only a single bullet is often considered the epitome of skill. However, even the best FPS players will not achieve this feat without utilizing common strategies and methods intended to increase accuracy and improve reaction time. This article will be discussing the top strategies that should help you improve your FPS kill count.

1) Be in Proper Sitting Position While Playing

A proper sitting position can often dramatically improve your accuracy and reaction time. The best strategy is to avoid slouching in front of the monitor. Sitting upright allows you to control the mouse more efficiently while also supporting the weight of both your arms and head. An ergonomic chair can also be helpful in this situation.

2) Have the Right Gaming Gear

It is also essential to make sure you utilize the right gaming equipment. FPS players should look for gaming mice with high DPI, high polling rate, and an appropriate amount of programmable buttons that allow them to take out enemies without switching weapons. In addition, playing on a keyboard with a keypad allows FPS gamers to hold down multiple keys simultaneously, which can be crucial in many games.

3) Do not Spray and Pray

Because of the widespread popularity of FPS games, there are specific phrases that FPS gamers have grown accustomed to hearing. One phrase, in particular, is ‘spray and pray,’ which refers to a style of play where gamers will blindly fire their weapon numerous times with no regard for accuracy. While this style of play can be highly effective in some cases, it is often inaccurate and counterproductive. Therefore, when playing an FPS game, you should avoid the spray and pray method by only firing your weapon when necessary and making sure your shots actually hit their mark.

In general, spraying an area with bullets is less effective than utilizing well-placed shots that hit the targeted opponent. A typical FPS player will fire approximately eight rounds per second, decreasing damage output by 25% if most of these bullets miss their target. Instead of emptying your weapon’s clip using full auto, take the time to aim with short, controlled bursts. You should be able to eliminate your target over 20% faster than using full auto fire.

4) Utilize Scenarios that Promote Accuracy

Playing on maps where it is easy to take cover behind corners or objects can make it difficult for opponents to hit you directly. While these areas can be advantageous in some cases, they will make it difficult for you to hit targets. To improve your FPS kill count, try playing on maps with a high number of open areas with little cover available. Playing on these maps will allow you to take out enemies from a distance by utilizing high-precision weapons such as sniper rifles and machine guns.

5) Play with Experienced Players

One of the best ways to improve your FPS kill count is to play with experienced players that know how to react quickly and accurately. These types of players will not only be able to utilize their weapons more effectively, but they will also be able to predict where you are headed next. Also, if possible, try joining clans and playing with more seasoned gamers who have mastered the art of FPS games.

6) Practice Makes Perfect

None of this will matter much until you get the hang of things, so don’t feel discouraged if you find yourself dying more than killing at first. As with most games, practice makes perfect. FPS games are typically very fast-paced, and it can take some time to adjust your sensitivity, DPI, and keybindings until you feel ready to enter competitive matches. If you’re new to playing FPS games, spend time daily to fine-tune your skills.

7) Use Online Resources for Gamers

Although FPS games are typically played competitively online against other players, many resources are available for gamers to improve their skills and learn more about the game. There is a vast amount of strategy guides and tutorials for FPS games and server forums where you can discuss tactics with your teammates as you take on foes from around the world. IWantCheats also gives you the latest strategic tips on FPS gaming so that you can top the leaderboards in your next gaming session.


While FPS games are not typically considered complex, there is a certain art to playing successfully. At the most basic level, eliminating your opponents quickly and efficiently will significantly impact your kill count. To improve performance in your favorite FPS game, follow these tips so you can become one of the players that strikes fear into the hearts of all others.

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