Tornasol Energy, a proposal for the democratization of access to solar energy

The Spanish startup Tornasol Energy facilitates access to solar energy with the market launch of light photovoltaic panel kits at competitive prices and easy to install. The proposal allows a saving of up to 30% in the electricity bill.

With an eye on facilitating access to solar energy, Tornasol Energy launches a kit of lightweight solar panels to install on balconies, terraces, awnings or caravans. Thanks to the use of ‘plug & play’ technology, its installation is simple and fast and allows to produce green energy connected to any electrical outlet in the home, without the need for technical knowledge, installers or permits.

With this proposal, the company, created by two young Valencians who have seen an opportunity in the energy market, manages to create a triple impact: social, economic and environmental, as explained by Santiago Vernetta and Vicente Alfonso, co-founders of the firm.

The idea came from our own experience. Seeing the trend in the cost of electricity, we wanted to rely on solar energy by installing panels on our balconies, but the bulky panels that we found did not allow it. It was then that we decided to investigate to create kits that would allow a more versatile use.”.

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Boost to self-consumption of solar energy

Each kit has one or two modules, a microinverter and a five meter cable that can be plugged directly into the power and start generate electricity Immediately. The 300 W single panel kit is priced at 450 euros, while the 600 W two module kit is priced at 790 euros.

These are flexible and easy-to-use solar panels that connect directly to any socket on the domestic network like just another household appliance, obtaining energy from where the panels are located.

Tornasol Energy is currently working to include batteries in its kits to offer the user an even more versatile and mobile experience. In addition, as an option, the kit includes a monitoring device that allows the user from a mobile application to know the energy generated and the savings achieved, as well as the reduction of C02 emissions.

With a journey of just over a month in the market, Tornasol Energy already has dozens of clients and is currently working on reducing entry barriers through the integration of 0% interest financing, offering a 30-day trial.

Likewise, it has also reached agreements with different actors in the sector who have seen in Tornasol Energy the solution to a real problem that was slowing down energy transition.

Among other collaborations, the company is also working with public bodies to make Valencia a benchmark in sustainability and achieve its SDG objectives, of sustainable development by 2030.

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