Tower of Terror: Disney cuts ties with Scarlett Johansson and the film will not be made?

A couple of months ago, Disney had revealed that Scarlett Johansson would star and produce in a film inspired by the Disney attraction of Tower of Terror. Now, after Johansson sued Disney over Black Widow, claiming a breach of contract when the studio ended up releasing the film on Disney +, the actress’s relationship with Mickey Mouse has obviously been questioned, as has the film. recently announced.

Has the lawsuit between Disney and Scarlett Johansson already blocked the Tower of Terror-inspired film?

Disney dismissed the lawsuit, saying there is no reason for Johansson’s claims, but the actress’s agents and attorneys believe things are different and are pursuing their motives.

This, however, has meant that, according to what reported by Giant Freakin Robot, Disney is cutting all ties with Scarlett Johansson, canceling the film projects that the actress had in place with the major; including Tower of Terror.

Developed by the director of Toy Story 4 and by the screenwriter of Inside Out, Josh Cooley, Tower of Terror it was just one of many projects that had already been put in the works for Johansson by Disney; and if this news is confirmed, it will probably not proceed further with any of these.

In fact, who would want to work with someone who is suing you?

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