Toyota: remote starting your car will be a paying option

On Toyota cars marketed from 2018, it is possible to benefit from a remote start feature. Except that this option will be chargeable at the end of the trial period.

In the winter, when the temperatures are very low, the remote car starter is devilishly useful. Concretely, it allows to start the beast in order to heat its engine before taking the road. All without having to enter the passenger compartment. Furthermore, this functionality can also be used to activate the window defrosting system. Or even turn on the heating (or air conditioning in summer).

Toyota offers this functionality on its cars dating from at least 2018. In detail, the remote control uses radio waves to communicate with the vehicle, and no connection to Toyota’s servers is necessary. Therefore, the fact that a subscription is necessary surprised more than one. According to The Drive, theBuyers of a recent Toyota will indeed have to pay in the future to use the remote start function via a physical key fob.

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Toyota: here’s how to benefit from remote start

Upstream, they will still have the right to a free trial. This will however depend on the vehicle selected as you can see. here. In addition, the remote start functionality will be closely related to the audio package supplied with the car. Thus, customers who have opted for the Audio Plus pack will be able to benefit from the remote starter for three years free of charge.

Users who have set their sights on the Premium Audio pack will also be entitled to a 10-year free trial period. At the end of this period, you will have to pay to take advantage of the remote start feature. Namely 8 dollars per month or 80 dollars per year.

In recent years, it has become commonplace to charge for apps that allow drivers to monitor, lock, or start their cars with their smartphones. Toyota is, however, the first manufacturer to charge for the use of a physical remote control for remote start., point out our colleagues.

Source: The Drive

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