TPNET Awards 2022 ‘Digital Marketing’: rankingCoach

This year, the jury of the TPNET Awards 2022 has estimated that the recognition of «Digital marketing” It is for rankingCoach, for its service to improve the positioning of companies on the Internet and increase their visibility in search engines. From MuyPymes we want to recognize the dedication and work of the company to promote online success in small businesses.

Among the benefits of the rankingCoach tool, the indications it generates with the aim of optimize a website and increase visibility, the empowerment of Google Ads, reputation management, monitoring of social networks, local marketing and brand monitoring.

RankingCoach automatically creates and updates profiles on up to 29 top online directories. Secure and standardize the relevant public information of a company in directories such as Google My Business, Facebook or Yelp.

It also keeps key business information up to date. in the most relevant websites. In this way, andeliminates all the hassles of maintaining a directory presence. It allows the publication and centralization of profiles at the touch of a button and facilitates recognition by customers at all times, including opening hours.

The platform also facilitates customer retention, ensuring that they are always up to date with the latest promotions, events and news. In just a few clicks it is possible to publish information or contact details on the most important platforms including Google My Business and Facebook.

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Lastly, create a consistent and professional presence in the online directories, a fundamental circumstance to establish a successful local business in the 21st century. RankingCoach promotes business synchronization in all relevant online directories. This circumstance creates more mentions of each internet business that can appear in Google search results, leading to higher search engine visibility and ultimately more customer benefits.

In short, the experts at MuyPymes award rankingCoach for all these reasons:

  • They solve, in a simple way, some of the most basic needs of businesses.
  • They help the little ones grow.
  • They simplify the job.
  • They are innovative and agile.

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