TPNET Awards 2022 “Edge Computing”: Dell Technologies

If there is something that 2022 has shown, it is that the edge computing has come to stay. Its advantages are enormous for companies. One of the main ones is its greater efficiency and reduced latency. By processing and analyzing data close to where it is generated, the time and cost of sending data to a centralized data center is avoided. This allows companies to make decisions and respond to situations in real time.

Another advantage of edge computing is greater flexibility and scalability. By distributing data processing and analysis among many devices located in different locations, reliance on a centralized data center is reduced and devices can be added or removed as needed. In both arenas, Dell has demonstrated its tremendous capacity for innovation, which has earned it the TPNET Award 2022 in the category Edge Computing. Among the innovations that the multinational has presented in the last year, the following stand out:

Dell EMC VxRail Compute Satellites They bring the VxRail operating model and efficiency to edge locations with a reduced infrastructure footprint. Now vertical markets such as retail, manufacturing and remote branches can start with VxRail at a lower cost.

Dell Technologies Validated Design for Manufacturing Edge with Litmus helps enterprises connect, manage, and orchestrate disparate industrial EDGE devices, data, and applications, from headquarters to the enterprise cloud, without programming.

Dell EMC Edge Gateway helps enterprises securely connect multiple edge devices in OT and IT environments to provide valuable information. This compact, fanless Edge Gateway with 9th Intel Core processors generation, it can withstand temperature ranges from minus 4 to 60 degrees Celsius and connect to 5G and wireless networks in the most demanding industrial environments.

Dell EMC Streaming Data Platform (SDP) adds improved GPU optimization to stream video in a lower latency and frame rate environment to enable real-time analytics on Dell EMC VxRail and PowerEdge servers.

These innovations are the latest examples of how Dell is equipping its edge solutions with capabilities to meet customer needs. Dell Technologies APEX Cloud Services with VMwareCloud is also presented as a secure and consistent platform managed by Dell for organizations to move workloads across multiple cloud and edge environments and scale resources quickly with predictable pricing and transparent costs.

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