Trade Republic launches “Trends”, a topic search engine

Users looking for new or different investments can now follow through the app specific topics that show individual stocks or ETFs on a certain theme. Some of these topics include, for example, “Trends” such as climate change”, the Metaverse, technology, female leadership, or also the 20 Best Savings Plans.

One of the biggest barriers to entry to the capital market is the challenge of finding the most suitable investment for your interests. «Trends» helps you decide what type of investment you want to make and connects the strategies with the trends of everyday life. The new feature is thus aligned with Trade Republic’s mission to democratize and simplify access to the capital market.

The functionality will roll out to all users in the next two weeks; although many users already have access to it as of today. Trade Republic will continue to gradually add new categories to themes to make it even easier for users to invest in the markets and therefore the possibility of generating income.

Trade Republic’s mission is to offer everyone a easy and safe access to the capital market. Trends is a further step on this path, giving investors more targeting and ranking options within the existing offering.

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