Traditional fishmongers will accept mobile payments, without dataphone

Digitization has also reached the traditional shops, who are committed to reinvention to respond to the needs and demands of consumers. In this context, FEDEPESCA-National Federation of Provincial Associations of Fresh and Frozen Fish Retailers– has signed an agreement with the Spanish fintech Divilo to promote in these small businesses the mobile payments without the need for a dataphone, mainly in its home sales.

This organization wants to continue promoting the digitization of conventional fishmongers and it does so through a collaboration that aims to expand and improve the collection systems of these businesses, improving the payment experience for both consumers and the businesses themselves. This will be possible thanks to the Diveep app, developed by Divilo.

This solution allows, through the NFC technology, turn the mobile phone into a payment terminal, eliminating the need for a POS and allowing collection at any time and place. A technology that is becoming increasingly popular and is gradually displacing the traditional dataphone -also in the most traditional establishments-.

Comprehensive advice and services

In addition, thanks to this collaboration, traditional fishmongers will have advice to implement and use this solution, which also offers comprehensive services not only for payment or collection, but also for management and accountinghelping to simplify the management of these businesses.

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Divilo, fintech regulated by the Bank of Spain and Principal Member of VISA, is already collaborating with ATA, the National Federation of Self-Employed Workers Associations, of which FEDEPESCA is a member, and with this agreement it expands its commitment to SMEs and the self-employed. In this sense, Juan Guruceta, CEO of the company, has pointed out: “At Divilo we work to offer innovative, easy-to-use and secure payment solutions that facilitate the day-to-day activities of businesses, regardless of their size. With this collaboration, we want to contribute to digitizing conventional businesses such as fishmongers, making them able to offer a convenient and fast payment experience that helps increase sales and reduce costs, something especially important in a context like the current one”.

For her part, Mª Luisa Álvarez, general director of FEDEPESCA, highlighted: “We are making progress in offering new, modern and secure forms of payment to our sector, Divilo is a simple and digital tool that enables solutions adapted to new consumers«.

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