Tragedy in Wales: 14-year-old boy accused of killing a 5-year-old boy found in a river

A 14 year old teenager was accused by the murder of another little boy barely five years old, whose body was found on July 31 in the Ogmore River, near Pandy Park, in Wales; in addition to the minor, the victim’s parents were also arrested and they are being investigated for the crime.

According to English media, the child Logan mwangi it was reported missing that day and in the afternoon he was found in said river, located in the county of Bridgend; According to the authorities’ report, the boy had several head injuries caused by the pressure or impact of an object, foot or fist.

Although Logan, who was a preschool student and much loved in his community, was immediately taken to the Pricess of Wales Hospital, there it was only confirmed that he had died due to the blows. Although local authorities have not confirmed it, everything seems to indicate that the little victim may have been injured in his own home.

One of the forensics stated that it was necessary to open an investigation, as she had sufficient grounds to determine that his death was violent or unnatural. That is why the child’s mother, Angharad williamsonas well as his stepfather, John cole, were also detained along with the 14-year-old teenager – whose identity is reserved due to his age – and will be investigated for Logan’s murder.

Although they already appeared this week, a court in Wales determined that it will be until January 31, 2022 when the trial begins of the young man and Logan’s parents to determine their involvement in the boy’s murder.

They pay tribute to Logan

Logan was a very loved child in his community and in the nursery where he stayed, so his family, friends and acquaintances were dismayed when they revealed that he was missing but even more so when they learned that he had been found dead in the Ogmore River. .

On the point where was the child found, Logan’s neighbors and loved ones improvised a altar, which they have filled with flowers, stuffed animals, dolls, photographs and messages of condolences wishing you rest and eternal life. “I am surprised and stunned, it is such a small community that everyone is feeling the pain of what happened,” a neighbor of the boy told the Daily Mail.

With information from The Mirror and BBC


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