Tragedy on Halloween: 5 people die when recreating “The Squid Game” in Panama

A Halloween party ended in tragedy after a shooting inside, leaving a balance of 5 dead and several wounded.

The events were recorded in Panama and the event went viral through social networks because it was promoted with images from the popular Netflix series “The Squid Game”.

Twitter users spread the moment in which the detonations are heard and the attendees begin to run and take cover.

Police from that country associated the incident with an alleged gang war. In addition to the 5 dead, three other corpses with signs of execution were found in Cerro Patacón, one of the main garbage dumps in Panama.

The first reports indicate that the attack occurred when a person who attended the party began shooting indiscriminately at alleged members of a rival gang identified as “The galactics”, which responded to the aggression.

It turned out that the attacker died at the site and four of those attacked lost their lives in the hospital.

“These criminal groups are not going to stop having criminal behaviors linked to drug trafficking, gang activity, this will bring a consequence,” said the prosecutor. Rafael Baloyes.

After what happened, two people were arrested, including the brother of one of those killed in the attack.


The popular Korean series launched by the Netflix platform made history by becoming the most viewed in history.

The news was released on Netflix social networks, who assured that more than 111 million followers they joined the deadly game of Korean production. Unlike many other series, ‘The Squid Game’ only took less than a month after its premiere to achieve this feat.


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